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The Costa Concordia was launched on September 2, 2005, with a mishap that back then didn't mean anything: the champagne bottle thrown against its hull didn't break.
Supercar enthusiasts went into a tizzy when Honda announced that it would bring its Acura NSX back to life.
After they were downgraded in early August, US government bonds gained upward momentum and yields fell.
Consumer optimism has been rising from the morose multi-year low in August and has reached levels not seen since, well, May. 150 factory workers in China threatened to jump off the roof of an iPhone factory unless they received a raise. Christine Lagarde, managing director of the IMF, told the South African Business Day that the Eurozone might avoid a recession in 2012, an inexplicable bout of optimism in light of some ugly trends. Just how bad is the real economy in Greece after five years of recession, countless strikes, and 17.7% unemployment?

Vibrating with irrational post-flight euphoria, I place my feet on size 24 yellow footprints painted on the floor at immigration and wait. Practically every car or truck sold in the US today contains Chinese-made components, though Chinese-designed vehicles haven't made it yet. But on January 13, at 10 pm, the mega cruise ship hit a reef near the small island of Giglio, off the coast of the Tuscany. Japan, which has danced the downgrade tango for years, is contemplating the next step, from AA- to A+, yet 10-year Japanese Government Bonds are yielding below 1%.
Our fingers laced together, we mosey from the Imperial Palace through Hibiya Park to Ginza’s shopping avenues.
He has never seen so much a€?rational behavior among consumersa€? and so much a€?fear of getting screwed.a€? Until now, the crisis has touched mostly the financial world, but in 2012, it will hit the real economy.
Chinese automakers scramble to move from nice-looking but shoddy copy-and-paste models to reliable products that would be competitive in the US.

Downgrades of sovereign bonds of developed countries make good headlines, but the impact on bond markets has been nil.
She picks a café on the second floor, and we settle into Viennese-coffeehouse armchairs by a floor-to-ceiling window.
But the inexplicable American consumer, the toughest creature out there that no one has been able to subdue yet, had other plans.

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