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Carolyn Dicey Jennings on Women in Philosophy 1930-1979: What can it tell us about diversity today?
Defend the Arts and Humanities blogA broad-based campaign to fight withdrawal of public funding for Arts and Humanities courses. Gender, Race and Philosophy: The BlogA forum for philosophers and other scholars to discuss current work and current affairs with race and gender in mind.

SUNY Under SiegeA coalition of groups in Albany, NY committed to the defense of publicly-funded state education.
Tobin Tax InitiativeAiming to tame currency market volatility and provide funds for basic human needs. What we're doing about what it's like (to be a woman in philosophy)Sharing success stories and providing models how to address gender issues in philosophy.

While animal models suggest that estrogen therapy may help depression, there is not good evidence that treatment with estrogen actually improves depression.

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