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Men and women produce exactly the same hormones, but in different amounts: as a rule, men produce 20 times more testosterone than women, while women produce more estrogen and progesterone.
Testosterone is widely thought of as the male sex hormone, but women also produce it: in the ovaries, adrenal glands, body fat and in some other body tissues, according to the Women's Health Program at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. High testosterone levels in women can result in acne, increased facial and body hair, increased insulin production and a condition called polycystic ovarian syndrome, or PCOS.
Other potential complications of high testosterone levels in women are significant depression and increased aggression, according to Dr. If you suspect that you may have a high level of testosterone, the Women's Health Program recommends that you get tested. Testosterone is the dominant hormone in men that makes them think about s?x every seven seconds.
Testosterone is a hormone produced by the testes in men and, in smaller amounts, by the ovaries in women.
Excess testosterone in the blood can completely shut down the activity within the testes, resulting in shrinking testicles. Most men want to be the muscle bound fellow and most women reach for that ideal as well but experts say that testosterone and its function in the body is much more complex.  Testosterone is  labeled as the male hormone. Men with low levels of testosterone experience things like low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, increased breast size and, understandably; considering those symptoms, depression. Other not so welcome effects of high testosterone levels in men include retention of fluids, overly aggressive growth of pancreatic cysts, an elevated risk of sleep apnea, and skin problems, just to name a few.
Naturopathic doctor and RN, Holly Lucille, and endocrinologist, Andjela Drincic, agree that concern about patients with higher levels of testosterone is rare.  Both agree that there are other conditions including issues with the thyroid or adrenal tumors that would need to be ruled out before determining that problems actually stem from high levels of testosterone. She has written medical research materials for the American Parkinson's Association, the Colorado Neurological Institute and the Autism Society of America. As with most things in nature, this "norm" can become imbalanced, and some women may have higher levels of testosterone, causing a unique set of symptoms. According to the Center for Young Women's Health, PCOS results in many tiny cysts or bumps inside the ovaries, which can result in abdominal pain and irregular periods. Instead, they are generally treated with oral contraceptives, or "the pill", which can correct hormone imbalances by reducing testosterone and therefore decreasing acne and unwanted growth of facial and body hair, regulating your periods and even lowering your risk for endometrial cancer. Gabe Mirkin, a practicing physician for over 40 years and a graduate of Harvard and the Baylor University College of Medicine.
Thomas was a featured health writer for the Knoxville Sentinal for 7 years and holds a Masters in Nursing from the University of Tennessee.

There can be positive effects from slightly elevated testosterone levels in men, or there can be negative effect from testosterone levels that are extremely high. This feeling lasts for long periods of time and can be so severe as to make the person feel hopeless.
Men who have high levels of testosterone usually respond to situations in an overly aggressive manner. It is harder for men to control their emotions, especially anger, when the hormones are imbalanced. A man with high testosterone levels could be happy one minute and depressed or furious the next.
If a man notices a significant change in testicular size, he needs to see a doctor immediately. The male reproductive system is overwhelmed with the amount of testosterone present, thus causing reproductive problems.
It is produced in the testes and impacts men in puberty when certain masculine characteristics are developed.  At that stage in life, testosterone is responsible for the growth of facial hair and body hair, the increase in the size of the penis and the testes, and the deepening of the voice. Men who have problems stemming from low testosterone levels can be treated with hormone replacement therapy. With all this uncertainty circling around the testosterone levels, guys should probably be extra cautious about hormone replacement therapy because it is not clear what higher or lower levels really mean to a guy.
Drincic, two things can basically cause symptoms related to high levels of testosterone in men; anabolic steroid use, which can cause rage, paranoia, and aggression and testosterone replacement therapy.
Jenkins has specialized in neurology, labor and delivery, high-risk obstetrics and autism spectrum disorders.
Your level of testosterone affects much of your body's physiology, including the adrenal glands, the thyroid gland, your reproductive system, your skin, hair, voice and even your desire to win at a board game, also known as competitiveness. PCOS is caused by hormones in your brain and ovaries, which act as chemical messengers that tell your body when to ovulate, menstruate and grow hair among other activities.
The pill, in combination with an oral diabetic medicine called metformin, may decrease the level of insulin in the bloodstream in insulin-resistant pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes. A recent study co-authored by Robb Willer an associate professor of sociology at Stanford University, reveals the higher a man’s testosterone level, the more macho he’s likely to act when his masculinity is threatened. Slightly elevated testosterone levels in men allows for muscles to build easily, helps keep the energy level up and contributes to a healthy libido. There are also physical symptoms that accompany depression such as loss of appetite, aching muscles, insomnia or sleeping too long, or weight fluctuation.

There is usually no trigger for these mood swings; however, any emotions displayed will be over-reactive if there is a trigger. The production of sperm in the testes is reduced significantly, and can even become halted until the levels of the hormone are lowered. Later in life, testosterone plays an important role in sustaining the adult male’s interest in sex. Drincic argues that most of the time the problems that would seemingly be caused by excessive levels of testosterone are actually caused by the abuse of anabolic steroids. The Center also reports that skin cells and hair follicles are extremely sensitive to the slightest increase in female testosterone levels, and this can cause acne and facial hair.
In type 2 diabetes, you may have high levels of glucose and insulin in your blood at the same time, due to your body being unable to use insulin properly. To understand the significance of testosterone, Mirkin points out that within 24 hours of a total hysterectomy---including removal of the ovaries---a woman's blood level of testosterone can drop 70 percent. Testosterone levels that are too high, however, have serious negative consequences on a man’s health. People suffering from depression generally have a loss of interest in activities they previously enjoyed. The Center for Young Women's Health recommends that women with elevated testosterone levels should have their blood sugar, or glucose levels, checked often. This lowered level can result in osteoporosis, decreased libido, painful intercourse and increased total body fat. You should not have the test during menstruation and should wait at least eight days after the start of your period. Many women with PCOS have trouble getting pregnant, and medicines that reduce your insulin can help you ovulate and may decrease the pain that accompanies it. The reason for depression with high testosterone levels is a disruption in hormonal balance, making the body respond negatively. In terms of aggression, the chicken or the egg question comes into play: "Does testosterone elevate aggression or does aggression elevate testosterone?" Researchers continue to study this relationship and its powerful implications.

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