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This morning one of my most dear friends posted to Facebook that she was so happy after an interview she just conducted with Mark Sisson.
When I was diagnosed with PCOS, I searched high and low for a link between muscles and testosterone.
Today, still, women with high testosterone levels ask me all the time if their exercise habits have anything to do with it. Because what’s important for the relationship between exercise and testosterone levels is not muscle mass, nor even the intensity of the workout.
While this is a reasonable approach for people who are significantly overweight or who do only this only occasionally, women who repeatedly fast after workouts can experience significant long-term testosterone elevations. I can’t say that my daily high intensity workouts and limited fueling were the only cause of my high testosterone levels.
THIS is my favorite post-workout snack, rich in protein and carbs with a little bit of fat… from grass-fed buffalos! I also really like this Wild Alaskan Salmon from Vital Choice with some Extra Virgin Olive Oil and some fruit. Check out more awesome snacks like smoked salmon, protein bars, and powerhouse paleo granola here.
When hormones start surging in the body during puberty, about 90% of teenagers begin to develop acne. Reducing DHT is the most important step in teenage acne solutions and testosterone acne treatment.
Nearly half of adult men experience mild to moderate acne, for which they will use various acne solutions with mixed results such as testosterone acne treatment. Clearogen is an adult acne solution that works by using natural ingredients proven to reduce high levels of the acne-causing DHT, in order to normalize oil production.

Clearogen's natural ingredients were selected because they have been scientifically proven to block DHT, the main cause of acne. And I can honestly say that deliberately refueling after every workout (like with awesomeness that is Tanka bars!) and dance class, along with being sure to include plentiful carbohydrates in my diet, relax as much as possible, and gain a few body fat percentage points, has drastically improved my sex drive and the quality of my skin.
I think this is truly helpful for most of the women athletes, as women has to go lot of changes in her body.
At all times, acne is related to hormonal fluctuations in the body such as testosterone acne. Like nodules, these lesions are deep within the skin, painful, filled with pus and can cause scarring. Testosterone is one of the main hormones involved in puberty, in both sexes, and its conversion to DHT is linked directly to an acne condition. Other acne treatments open the pores and kill the bacteria, but do nothing to address DHT, which is the underlying cause of acne.
Therefore, it’s extremely important to use a comprehensive treatment as soon as its signs appear.
Clearogen also utilizes proven acne medications, to clear the existing acne and prevent future outbreaks. Most fitness gurus know that muscle building is the most efficient when you refuel after a workout with carbohydrate and protein. Excess testosterone causes infertility, poly cystic ovarian syndrome, acne, male pattern hair growth on the face and body, hair loss on the top of the head, and diminished libido. I always thought a good amount of protein(20-30g) + carbs immediately after a workout was best. If you need to lose a lot of weight then that time period probably isn’t detrimental to you and 1-2 hours should be fine.

It is essential to consume proper diet control in order to maintain health and fitness, specially during menstruation, in which a women looses most of her immunity.
It promotes health, it promotes love, and it helps you recognize the power, beauty, and unapologetic radiance of your own natural womanhood, the good, sexy, powerful stuff already in your bones.
If the clogged pore stays under the skin, it's called a closed comedo and forms a white bump or whitehead. Excessive oil production within the pores of the skin is caused by high levels of DHT from elevated testosterone levels. As the first acne product on the market to focus on the root cause of acne, Clearogen lowers DHT production to normalize the skin's oil production, clears existing blemishes and fights future breakouts. Conventional wisdom says that insulin is the primary means by which testosterone becomes elevated in the body (it directly stimulates testosterone production in the ovaries). This excessive oil leads to clogging of the pores and comedos, which, in turn, lead to papules, pustules, nodules and, eventually, cysts. I’ve always been a healthy weight, but despite intense training have never eaten after workouts.
This black color is not due to dirt, but due to the reaction of oxygen with the excess oil. Otherwise, they will have less fuel for their efforts and will perform less than optimally. This demonstrates that it is not hormone levels in general that fall when you eat post-workout, but testosterone levels specifically.

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