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To download this image as a desktop wallpaperright click the image and pick "set as background".Otherwise, use "save picture as" and place itas a desktop background via your desktop properties.
The legend of the lost city of Atlantis has amazingly strong romantic appeal to the imagination of mankind. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, No-Derives, 3.0 International, License.
3D Studio MAX by AUTODESK, 3ds max is highly customizable 3D modeling, rendering, and animation solution for design, games, film & television. Terragen by PlanetSide is a landscape generator with controllable parameters that allow extremely varied terrain shapes and photorealistic rendering. Why is the Greek philosopher Platoa€™s story of the catastrophic destruction of the ancient island or Atlantida continent has inspired people for three centuries?
Poser is the 3D figure design tool for artists, illustrators and animators that enables you to create easily 3D figures. Artist, poets, priests, and writers dedicated thoughts to the Atlantis philosophy, origins, and geographic location. In spite of luck of hard evidence that the subject ever existed it takes part of the mythology of many diverse cultures.

What, then, accounts for its apparently inexhaustible, passionate appeal of Atlantida which is a poetical name of the place; the question still remains open, is it not? Was Atlantis an extraterrestrial colony, an entrance to the parallel world, surreal entity, or else? In a way, this one of the mysteries of the world is a true parallel world that exists in parallel of our imagination exclusively. Over the centuries multiple theories: crazy, idealistic, geological, or historical describe the mystical and spiritual significance of this place.
Scientists, explorers, mystics, and science fiction authors contributed facts, suggestions, and delusions to these concepts. According to Plato, Atlantisa€™ citizens were half gods and half humans who created a utopian civilization and became the excessive leading power of the world.
They had a great capital metropolis on the central lush island that was rich of gold, silver, and fine-art and supported an abundance of exceptional, exotic wildlife. There are many speculations about the Atlantida continent whereabouts: Mediterranean, Adriatic, off the coast of Spain, or even Antarctica.
Cataclysmic floods and volcanic explosions have happened throughout human history, perhaps the destruction of Atlantis was one of them.

One of such precedents happened 3,600 years ago, a massive volcanic eruption devastated the island of Santorini, a highly advanced society of Minoan civilization that lived on there disappeared overnight. The legend of Atlantis is a story about an honourable, spiritual people who lived in a highly advanced, utopian civilization.
But they became greedy, petty, and morally bankrupt and the gods became angry with them and destroyed their civilisation because the people had lost the right way and turned into immoral pursuits. Plato himself would probably be amazed that his tale has been the subject of so much examination and emotion. His ideas about divine versus human, the ideal social order, the gradual corruption of human society, etc.

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