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BMW’s new roadster was hastily unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in autumn 1955, where it was presented to an enthusiastic crowd. The BMW 507 Roadster was designed by Count Albrecht Goertz, a young German designer then living in New York and later responsible for another beautiful car, the Datsun 240 Z-series.
A production-ready 507 was also unveiled at New York’s Waldorf Astoria hotel in 1955 and its design has impressed everyone in the attendance. Under the hood it featured a new 3.2 liter V8 engine with Zenith dual-barrel carburetors, producing 148 horsepower.
However, the 507 Roadster did manage to draw the attention of a particular American Rock star then stationed in Germany, his name was Elvis Presley and we BMW recently took possession of King’s car to restore it.
Had BMW been able to reduce production costs, there would undoubtedly have been more 507 sales.
Today the BMW 507 Roadster commands the adoration of BMW fans everywhere, not to mention well heeled collectors.
BMW has now been around for a century, which is simply astonishing when you think about it. RM Sotheby’s upcoming auction in New York City will host a sale of high-end cars, including the famed BMW 507 Roadster.
With only 252 units built from 1956 to 1959, the BMW 507 remains one of the rarest and most expensive BMWs ever built. BMWBLOG goes to Dallas to test drive the new 2015 Rolls Royce Ghost Series II When is a car not a car? While TVs have become better and better over the past 15 years, audio has taken several steps backwards. Unlike old-school MP3 players, Applea€™s iPod touch, or a smartphone, high-res DAPs are designed with high-end audio circuitry, high-powered digital-to-analog converters (DACs), and amplifiers that can drive a wide range of audiophile-class headphones. Pioneera€™s XDP-100R is our top all-around choice for best high-resaudio digital audio player. Though not without its flaws, the Astell&Kern AK Jr was the smallest, lightest, and least-expensive high-res digital audio player in our roundup. Unfortunately, the QP1Ra€™s click wheel and several aspects of its user interface left us underwhelmed.
We used Bowers & Wilkinsa€™ P7 over-the-ear headphones for our critical listening tests.
Along with ALAC, FLAC and DSD are two of the more popular lossless audio codecs youa€™ll see for high-res music. User interface:A Aside from physical characteristics, differences between user interfaces can be dramatic, and they can make or break your overall experience. Font sizes and legibility vary greatly among the different DAPs, and some dona€™t you to adjust the font sizes.
Volume button location: The location and size of the volume controls are surprisingly important.
Transferring songs: Copying songs to external MicroSD cards is drag-and-dropA simple, but the way a DAP handles copying music files to its internal storage varies from one DAP to the next.
DAC (digital-to-analog converter): The DAC is one of the most important elements in a digital audio playera€™s design. Two specs measure a DACa€™s capabilities: Resolution (expressed in bits) and sampling rate (expressed in thousands of cycles per second and notated as kHz). Remote control: Many (if not most) of todaya€™s high-resolution DAPs come with their own analog-style volume controls. The newish Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) format certifies that the musical track was sourced from the original studio-master recording.
While most music lovers cana€™t afford Sennheisera€™s $1699 HD 800 S headphones, you do want to use the best quality headphones you can afford with a high-res digital audio player.

Now things get muddier when it comes to the differences between CDs and high-resolution music files (you can download CD-quality and high-res files as part of this experiment conducted by Scott Wilkinson and Dr. At the risk of oversimplifying the details, just know that a€?high resolutiona€? is being defined by the audio industry as anything exceeding CD quality. We love the AK Jr for its portability, strong feature set, and clean interface, but its sluggish responsiveness taints an otherwise great high-resolution audio value. Pioneer's XDP-100R is a polished, flexible, and sweet-sounding high-res audio player with loads of modern features.
I really love those wheels, they are my favorite OEMs but most guys want a more aggressive offset. Originally Posted by fredsstang View Post Hey guys, I have a set of 19" GT-CS wheels I am trying to sell.
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By many accounts, it is one of the most beautiful cars BMW has ever produced and it will always remain as one of the most important design icons of the 1950s.
Rumors have it that the Frankfurt show car carried cement bags instead of a proper engine in the engine bay and that the first real car was shown at the later Paris Show.
The car featured the now familiar roadster proportions with short overhangs and a long hood, the iconic twin-kidney grille and the dynamic stance. It was overweight and the 200 predicted horses were closer to 145, and because of the mixture of iron and aluminum alloys, the engines were prone to troublesome corrosion issues.
Many of us have sacrificed fidelity in pursuit of convenience and portability, adopting inferior audio codecs such as MP3 and making them our new benchmarks.
Their exclusive purpose is to play music, and while they can play just about any type of music file, theya€™re really designed for the formats and codecs that deliver better-than-CD quality. Each unit delivers a very different experience, but with our criteria being the best balance of features, ease-of use, high-resolution codec support, and portability, our top pick is the Android-based Pioneer XDP-100R. Its overall superb sound (the best of the bunch), ability to drive a wide-range of headphones, digital Toslink output, and ability to play DSD files natively are just a few of its highlights.
If you can get past those shortcomings, the QP1Ra€”though expensive at $899a€”is a great choice for the discerning music lover who wants a high-res platform for both on-the-go and critical music listening on a high-end audio system.
Test files were encoded withA 24-bit resolution at sampling rates ranging from 48- to 192kHz.
Some players are based on the Android operating system and will be very familiar to Android smartphone users. If you have trouble reading small font sizes, then you should consider a model that runs the Android OS, which will provide font-sizing options and other accessibility options. The location of the volume button can determine whether or not you can use a player with one hand.
Some players, like the Pioneer XDP-100R, will mount on your computer like a hard drive, so you can drag-and-drop copy; others require software on the host computer (and in some cases, that software might be available only for Windows). This is the hardware that converts a digital signal into an analog signal that you can hear through headphones or loudspeakers connected to an amplifier. If you plan on using Bluetooth wireless headphones with your digital audio player, we recommend that the player supports aptX, which promises near CD-quality wireless playback. Youa€™ll get the best Bluetooth experience with equipment that also supports the aptX codec, which delivers near-CD-quality audio. If streaming services are important to you, be sure to buy a DAP that can connect to Wi-Fi networks. AA DAP bearing this logo doesna€™t necessarily mean that it outperforms one without the logo, it just means that its manufacturer has paid a licensing fee and agreed toA follow a set of product guidelines and performance requirements. This certification indicates that the player meets a set of minimum specifications for playing back high-res music files.

Needless to say, in order to experience the audible benefits of high-resolution music, you need a high-quality component at every stage of the signal path. Youa€™ll want to invest in a high-quality pair of headphonesa€”preferably the over the ear typea€”which have larger drivers, greater dynamics, and the added benefit of lowering the noise floor as you listen. Upconverting those music files wona€™t magically transform them into high-resolution tracks, eithera€”you cana€™t put in what was never there in the first place. The owner before us banged them up a little and I would like to replace them with good looking (no scratches or major damage) I LOVE the look of them and even though I would like to run bigger tires in back - I probably would't so buying bigger rims is probably not an option. The 0 to 60 mph sprint was recorded at around 10 seconds while the top speed was limited to 136 mph. The cost of expensive production tooling, the unsold cars and the unfavorable publicity almost bankrupted BMW. We recommend that you look for a player that supports, at a minimum, ALAC, DSD, and FLAC files since those are the most common codecs that high-resolution download sites use. Other players have proprietary user interfaces with a touchscreen, a click wheel, or navigation buttons. Some DAPs can also serve as a high-end USB DAC for your computer, keeping the signal in the digital domain until it emerges from the noisy environment inside your computer. Note that these specs measure conversion capability, not necessarily the quality of the resulting conversion.
If you share this concern, then look for a player that plays DSD files natively.A  Whether or not you can hear a difference between the native DSD file or the converted PCM is beyond the scope of this roundup. If this feature is important to you, then check the manufacturera€™s specifications carefully.
High-quality headphones can be found for a few hundred dollars, with premium audiophile models easily costing more than $1000. Read very carefully as many manufacturers will make a claim something to the effect that their high-res musicA player a€?reveals more of the original musical performance than an MP3 player or smart mobile phones.a€? A Saying high-res is better than MP3 is no better than saying a CD is better than an MP3 file. A Thata€™s why youa€™ll oftentimes see manufacturers (and even high-resolution music sites) compare their stuff to MP3.
Hi-Res Audio is a proper noun defining playback hardware, while high-resolutionA music refers to the actual music files. If thata€™s you and you want to learn more about some of the issues surrounding high-resolution recording and playback, check out the Real HD-Audio blog by Dr.
The playera€™s feature set is second to none, as is its codec support, being the only player in this roundup to support for theA MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) high-res music format (albeit via a future firmware update). In contrast to the competition, the AK Jr hasA only one MicroSD expansion slot, and its display suffered from significant lag.
WeA also purchased some of the same albums on CD and from the iTunes store (the latter as lossy AAC-encoded files) for comparison. The playera€™s user interface can influence what you can and cana€™t do on the player (such as searches) and how easily you can perform certain tasks (such as creating playlists).
A Of course it is, and many cana€™t hear the difference between an MP3 file and a CD (or a high-resolution track for that matter). Pick up a high-resolution digital audio player (DAP) and you can have your cake and eat it, too.
Properly recorded and mastered high-res music is the real deal, but dona€™t be surprised if you or your friends often cana€™t tell the difference between CD and high-res tracks.
Try this online test from NPR.orgA (be sure to listen on the best-quality headphones or speaker system you have).

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