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In a recent survey of 3,705 kids, 11 percent of teens in grades 9 through 12 reported having used synthetic human growth hormone without a prescription. Sports doping scandals have been dominated by steroids for many years, and the study confirmed a gradual, long-term increase in teens’ reported lifetime use of steroids. Even for non-athletes, the spike in the reported use of HGH can be tied to societal pressure.
Prescription HGH is expensive, with daily injections at a cost between $125 and $250 a week. Pasierb said that could be an opening for parents to talk with their kids about the risks of HGH.
But that wholesome slice of Americana also contains a dark undercurrent–a marked rise in the use of human growth hormone by high school aged students. That means that at any high school football game, it’s likely that at least two players on the field will have tried human growth hormone.
The survey, carried out by the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids and funded by a grant from the MetLife Foundation, found no statistically significant difference in the athletic involvement between synthetic HGH users and non-users. A study in the January issue of JAMA Pediatrics found that nearly 18 percent of adolescent boys were highly concerned about their weight and physique. Could it be that (if you’re a woman) you’re at a more energized point of your monthly cycle?
Supplements and powders that claim to include HGH are easy to find online and in fitness stores, but those are regulated by the Federal Trade Commission, rather than the Food and Drug Administration, with a different level of scrutiny applied.

So, add us to your ad blocker’s whitelist or pay $1 per week for an ad-free version of WIRED. Could it be, well, that you got to try the product for free and you feel somewhat obligated to share the high points?In fairness, it could be that I’m a very skeptical supplement buyer and my natural inclination is to look for scholarly papers and studies on a product rather than first-person reviews. In September, the National Football League came to an agreement with its players union on a drug policy that includes HGH testing, but the negotiations took three years. I know that supplements can be incredibly beneficial for certain people working to achieve specific goals.
I’m going to be honest about changes I make to my training routine, changes I make to my diet and all the pros and cons that I can personally attest to during the three month trial. This hormone is a major contributor to the growth and development that occurs throughout childhood and its presence affects everything from body composition to body fluids and bone growth. As puberty comes to an end, this naturally-occurring hormone decreases significantly.The use of HGH injectionsSince the 1980s doctors and athletes have been using synthetically-produced HGH injections for medical and non-medical purposes.
Most studies indicate that orally-administered synthetic HGH is digested in the stomach and excreted as waste before it can be absorbed into the body. So while all those late-night infomercials make the products sound amazing, the reality probably falls short of the claims.No really, what is Growth Factor 9?Okay, now to get into Growth Factor 9.
According to the company that makes the supplement, Novex Biotech (I know, I know, clearly not an unbiased source), Growth Factor 9 isn’t a synthetic HGH, but is a proprietary blend of amino acids that has been clinically proven to increase serum levels of naturally occurring HGH in the body.
In fact, according to a double-blind, placebo-controlled study that included men and women between the ages of 18 and 70, Growth Factor 9 resulted in a mean increase of blood serum levels of Growth Hormone by 682-percent.

What the study doesn’t tell us, is whether the study participants saw positive physiological changes associated with HGH a€” changes like increased muscle mass, decreased body fat, improved energy and so forth. I took it a few times, but because we were undergoing a cross-country move and my schedule was wonky, I couldn’t get in the habit.
Night is probably going to be my better choice, but it may take some effort to re-train myself not to night-snack.Workout and eat right! You still have to put in the time at the gym and in the kitchen.My starting pointAs I said, the last month has been a whirlwind of moving and abnormal activity.
Plus, the three months prior to that I was battling some winter blues and was really struggling with health-related motivation.
While still healthy, my body fat percentage has slowly creeped up and my cardiovascular fitness has slowly inched down. Now that I’m in a new place, with my heart happy again and the sun shining overhead, I have the motivation to work harder and improve my fitness. The first three months are usually dedicated to increasing cardiovascular fitness and strength, while the last three months are when I start seeing the physical results. My hope is that this time, I’ll start seeing the physical results by the last month of GF-9 supplementation.

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