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Carbon fiber front fenders don't cost that much, since I think several different models fit this bike.
One of the air scoop holes was out by about 1 cm, so I had to modify the scoop a little - it cannot be seen. Unfortunately I have not had time to learn the image editing software I have so I can mock it up on my computer. I am a deadset yellow fan, but when I put the CF on the devil or angel in me said whoa, the CF looks superb.

I have new decals for it, in original anthracite, which a friend can make in matching yellow for me.
This is one of those things where a pic does not really do it justice - the CF is simply superb. Join VK now to stay in touch with Ghgh and millions of others.Or log in, if you have a VK account. You might also elect not to paint a few areas on the fairing that show its a CF piece, but these have to be chosen carefully to look right.

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