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Here is a cut and paste of the info that is posted on one site (I didn't include the link as the site sells AAS as well. OneStep HGH Test is a qualitative, sandwich dye conjugate immunoassay for the determination of human HGH,The method employs a unique combination of monoclonal a antibodies to selectively identify HGH in test samples with a high degree of sensitivity. As the test sample diffuses through the absorbent test strip, the labeled antibody-dye conjugate binds to the HGH in the specimen forming an antibody-antigen complex.
OneStep test strip can be stored at room temperature (below 25°C) and stable until expiration date on the label. Although the test claims to be qualitative, because there is a minimum concentration needed to give a positive result one can use various dilutions to determine the approximate concentration of their product. I have HGH that has been Mass Spectrometer tested at a University Lab, so is known to be the real deal. But typically you're supposed to have 10iu in 1ml as most ppl reconstitute their hgh so the test is too sensitive.
I suggest that you take out a good health insurance policy beforehand so you can get some medical help after you screw yourself up.

Hey fella?s I have been following this board for about 3 years now and only recently started contributing, sorry it took so long. I have put together a cycle that I want to start in about 6 months, or as soon as I get the kinks worked out of it and put all my gear together.
As far as PCT, I thought that with all that extra test I would need something of a PCT to bring the estrogen and cortisol back down, no? I was watching some Lebron highlights and most of the were from the CAVs days, and it seems like he jumps higher now then he did 4 years ago. Warning: the reagents in this kit contain sodium azide which may react with lead or copper plumbing to form potentially explosive metal azides. If after performing the test and no line is visible on test strip, you may have placed the strip into the tube or container incorrectly or the test strip may have deteriorated. He constantly has niggling injuries and has one of the sloppiest rigs on the team.KG?  Rondo? When disposing of such reagents, always flush with large volumes of water to prevent azide build-up.

He's a skinny basketball player, with round shoulders, who looks bigger than other skinny basketball players by comparison. The reaction mixture continues flowing through the absorbent device past the positive reaction zone and negative zone. Unbound conjugate binds to the reagents in the negative control zone, producing a pink-rose color band, demonstrating that the reagents and test strip are functioning correctly. Also HGH has known to cause migraines which we know Wade has suffered from in the past.I doubt anyone will be stupid enough to get caught especially those with too much to lose.
Athletes have gotten so much bigger and faster and while I acknowledge that improved nutrition and training has a lot to do with this I'm also not naive to think that nobody has experimented with HGH.

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