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Hey fella?s I have been following this board for about 3 years now and only recently started contributing, sorry it took so long. I have put together a cycle that I want to start in about 6 months, or as soon as I get the kinks worked out of it and put all my gear together.
As far as PCT, I thought that with all that extra test I would need something of a PCT to bring the estrogen and cortisol back down, no? It is very unlikely that anyone is going to convince you that diet and exercise alone will help you reach your goals, so please do a little research. One of the reason I would like to go with Jintropin and test- p cycle is that i'm an actor and I dont want too many sides to recover from this time.
The products that are available to me right now are jintropin, igtropin, test C, E, P, anavar, arimidex , tamoxifin citrate ( nolvadex ), oxymetholone. I really want to try out something like 6-7 weeks cycle and give a gap of about a week or two and see how my body is responding and then finish the cycle if its a long one.
Your basicaly just asking the same questions you did in your thread last week, which have pretty much been answered and your advice given. EDIT: after a quick look at your original thread it appears you have just copied and pasted most of your info from there into here, are you hoping to recieve different answers by creating a new thread? Disclaimers: * No claims found on our web pages or in print have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Please consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet or exercise program.
Just a short update: today is my sixth day of shooting this thing at doses of 1,05 mg ED except yesterday that I shot 1,2 mg (3,6 iu) because I had blood test done. Regarding your bloodwork, any idea to where you need your IGF-1 levels at to get the results you want? Hey everyone, Im on week 10 of my test e lean bulk cycle (my first one ever) and I took a suggestion and went and got some bloodwork done. What I've concluded just from basic google searching of what all of this means is that I have low sperm count right now, and my liver has alot of stress because of the winstrol .
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I've just finished physio for my right shoulder tendonitis but still can't lift incline bench-press and shoulder press.
2 hours later, no side effect till now so I'm thinking of upping the dose at 3iu (1.05 mg) tomorrow morning.

Overall I have no sides and I think it's too early to see any results either that being fat loss or sense of well-being etc.
I really don't know what to expect as I'm mainly taking it for healing purposes and I won't experiment with higher doses, if it's pharm grade (which I believe it is - how can they copy THAT device?) I believe it will serve it's purpose. The only thing I know is that after 9 days I'm starting to see fat loss in the abdomen area and my shoulder is feeling much better. Only problem it does not include the tiny needles in the package so got to find some before using it. My shoulder is feeling a lot better today, don't know if it's because of the HGH, guess I'll wait another week before I hit the gym and crash the weights.
Surely my diet is strict for two weeks now but I can't really believe that two weeks of (even pharm grade) HGH can give you such results. I'm going to pin myself early in the morning, 3 hours later IGF-1 test, if thing is legit I'm going to buy a 6 month cycle of it.

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