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I started pinning 500mcg of hgh frag a few times a day into the annoying belly fat that I have around week 4 as well. Triglycerides 108 0-149 HDL Cholestrol 18 Low >39 ?????? My test is way low now and estrogen is still high as it was before even after 2 - almost 4 week runs of Erase. On hand I have HCGenerate, Testapro, tamxoifen, clomid, toremifen, letro, Exemestane, and topical formestane. I tried not to leave anything out but it was a lot of info to put together for everyone so let me know and ill try to add it in. On my way to the gym right now, bro, but I glanced at the pics and read everything up to final bloods.
Okay, so it looks like AST and ALT are both up, along with estrogen (slightly from where it was) and LH, FSH and test are all down (test is the one I'd be the most concerned with). After seeing your post my suggestion would be the HCGenerate and a tapered dose of the Form. 04-21-2011, 08:32 PM Lightweight1 Originally Posted by ryansm Impressive post and nice results!
I would take one scoop of toco 8 and one scoop of cycle support everyday along with one cap of coq10, red rice yeast.
I frontloaded the osta 50mg day one, 25mg day 2 and then around 15mg for the rest of the 6 weeks. Tomahawk88 After seeing your post my suggestion would be the HCGenerate and a tapered dose of the Form. HCGenerate already in my bloodstream Thanks for the reps and i tried hard to make the best out of this cycle.
04-21-2011, 09:07 PM Lightweight1 Originally Posted by x_danny_x do you keep these muscle new gains when doing it with SARMS such as with IGF Long R3? I plan to keep my diet clean as usual, throw in more aminos throughout the day and add in creatine.
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The ideal mixture of excessive potent herbal ingredients, makes the pills an effective formula that they claim over 1 million men have been using this sexual product. Yes, there are several benefits that we men should gain all from this 2-in-1 male enhancement formula as improvements on overall sexual function, penis health and support the prostate gland.
We have reviewed tons of sexual enhancement, Sinrex have taken a spot in the top 5 best male enhancement formulas. If you find something unclear about this review and would like to ask me a question, feel completely free to throw me a comment below. If though Sinrex is some quality enhancement pills, if you conjunct with some penile exercises, or a penis enlargement device, such as a water-based penis pump or with an extender traction, than Yes, you can expect increase in penis size while taking the Sinrex male enhancement. 4 or so weeks later so beginning of March of 11 i got my lipids done again since those are what needed work. I front loaded 50mg for the 1st day, 25mg for the 2nd day and 12.5 to 25mg the rest of the 6 weeks. Apparently Osta has an effect, though it could simply just be related to hormone imbalance. This would be a great time to use it and if you plan on getting another set of bloods after the HCGen run to see where your at, that'd be great. I know form can be used in lower doses without too much inhibition of estrogen, but Torem is great in actually improving lipids, so imo it is his best option for this scenario. What I do here, I search up resources from product's websites, user's reviews and all information online, which I basically write down honest reviews based on my years of experience from knowledge, thoughts, and opinions.
I ran toco 8 throughout the 6 weeks and AI Stoked and PES Erase from weeks 2-6 to help with any possible shutdown I've read about in other logs. I think your routine that you used to get them up in the past worked so I would give that a go again. If your estrogen wasn't normally running higher, I would think just the test-booster with mild OTC AI would be solid.
Everyone is different though and responds differently but i definitely got slightly shut down.
I was thinking of running it at some point, may do so with intermittent blood work to see if it effects me the same.
I like what i see in the mirror but I dont like where my lipid levels are and where my test and estrogen levels are at.
I have lots of erase on hand but ive already been on it for 4 weeks, i know the bottle says to take time off after 4 weeks.

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