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Cadel Evans should be in with a good chance, just yesterday he clinched the GC classification in the Tour De Romandie, his second GC victory for the season. Of course Contador and Shleck (x2) will be hard to beat, but hopefully Cadel gives it a real good shake on what might be one of his last chances. I am living in The Netherlands at the moment, so going down to watch the last 4 stages of the Tour this year in the Alps and the final stage in Paris.
There has been some great cycling this season so far with the classics and smaller European tours. I think they said on the cycling central tv show, they'll be showing a few stages live aswell.
I'm constantly amazed by how fast those riders go down those tight, twisting mountain descents.
The Giro da€™Italia will pay a moving tribute to the late Wouter Weylandt on the road to Livorno, with his Leopard Trek teammates to cross the finish line ahead of the peloton in a stage dedicated to his memory. Competition has no place on such a day of mourning, as the Giro and cycling at large come to terms with Weylandta€™s tragic death on the descent of the Passo del Bocco on Monday.
The stage will not be contested and the peloton will stay together for the course of the 216km between Genoa and Livorno, with Weylandta€™s Leopard Trek teammates to cross the line in front. At 11.15, race director Angelo Zomegnan called a meeting of team managers at the start village in Genoaa€™s Piazza Kennedy, although the daya€™s proceedings had already been established by that point. It was decided that the teams would take it in turns to pace the peloton for 10km at a time at speed of between 37 and 40kph.
With 1km to go, maglia rosa David Millar will then give the signal to the remaining eight Leopard Trek riders to move to the front and cross the line ahead of the peloton to pay tribute to their late companion. Leopard Trek manager Brian Nygaard explained that his team was continuing in the race at the behest of Weylandta€™s family, who travelled from Belgium on Monday evening.
The Leopard Trek contingent were the last to make their way to the start line, and they were warmly applauded by riders and spectators alike as they made their way to the front of the peloton, in front of David Millar and the other classification leaders. A momenta€™s silence was observed and a military band played a bugle tribute to the late Weylandt, before the peloton set off with a heavy heart on the road to Livorno. Contador will be riding the TdF unless he is found guilty of doping and suspended before it begins. Will be interesting to see if Contador does ride the TDF, given that he is riding the Giro at the moment.
Cadel also doesn't have the machine to keep accelerating to keep up with schlek and contador on the climbs, but he still tries, he needs to go at his own speed. Hmm don't know about that, maybe he doesn't inspire his team like the others, but he is a trier at least. Contador is now a far superior rider, even TT rider and Andy Schleck is there to pick up where Contador misses out. Cadel is very capable but he doesn't have a good enough team (part of this is his fault, part not) and he lacks a bit in the mountains (which isn't really pronounced until he's up against Contador and Schleck).

I'm ashamed to ask this since of watched cycling casually for years (Giro, Le Toure etc) but what is the flag always seen being waved by crowd? Don't know that one ^^^ When I was over then once you hit the alps you start seeing all these red shields white crosses all over the roads. In other news Contador seems to be in pretty good form he just needs to hold that until July. 2 weeks until Alberto Contador starts his quest to be the first man since Pantani to do the double. I think the coming of Earth Google and Street Google have added immensely to the experience enabling us to almost enjoy being there.
Dunno but it could save a bit of time when cyphering their position when the broadcast starts. I can't really rate Cadel as a winning chance, his climbing is good but not at the same level as Schleck(s) or Pompadour, also his time trialing has been (only) just off the top pace too. My main Aussie interest will be seeing how Richie Porte goes, he was brilliant in last years giro.
I am just in the data gathering stage for the Fantasy Tour game on the SBS site so have been doing a bit of reading. Anyone keen to create a whirlpool mini league on the sbs fantasy Tour De France competition? I think it would be very hard to clean up the sports from doping, just recently before the world championships in track&field started i think around 50-60 athletes where caught given positive tests before the WC. With the Giro D'Italia starting next week, it is only two months till the start of the Tour De France. The order in which the teams are taking up the pace-setting duties is based on the reverse order of the team classification, meaning that Garmin-Cervelo will be the last team to take to the front. Instead, the Leopard Trek riders will come on to the podium as part of a further dedication to Weylandta€™s memory.
A special fenced-off space was reserved for the Leopard Trek team bus, and riders filed through one by one to offer condolences to the teama€™s riders and staff. He went out and attacked for himself to win the stage on the last climb all because Cadel expects to much and doesn't make him team mates feel motivated. Just a bit over a minute behind Wiggins but there is a lot of climbing to come including a couple of HC mountains. I think the coming of Earth Google and Street Google have added immensely to the experience enabling us to almost enjoy being there, more HD is wanted though, it was a shame the Giro was only SD. I managed to feature in the Top 10 last year right to the finish line without any reading beforehand. A fairly simple games, select your team of 9 riders, within a budget, select a Cycling Team and a bonus race stage. They consistently make mistakes with breakaway riders, positions on the road, crashes, names anything to do with the actual physical race.

I don't think you should attempt educating anyone further, least it be yourself.I started losing my hair when I turned 22. He's got to get his around that the team is there to help him and they will if only he lets them and stops being such a dick to them. He had a very small window – when Berti was out and still developing his TT skills and before Andy Schleck got good. I can't see him finsihing ahead of Contador, Schleck, Gesink, Van Den Broeck, Sanchez and the best Shack rider. His form has been good, he comes in fresh (no Giro) and really, last year he was going Ok until the crash. You have transfers to use, swap out sprinters and put in climbers depending on the stage but only 6 in a week so not much to do. Someone needs to be feeding them technical race info of which there is mountains, a bit like they do on the Formula 1 or even cricket. It is a lot of fun and certainly gives you something to cheer for when the Aussies aren't doing well.
Actually, they will do if for 15 minutes and then repeat the same stuff over and over and over and over again. Phil Leggett is the worst, Mike Tomalaris at least tries to give some info but can't carry it for that long. Tumors of the salivary glands account for fewer than 3% of tumors in the US and only 6% of head and neck tumors. He has also made the statement that he believes that Wade and Lebron's numbers are going to go down as a result of this new HGH test. So yes, people clearly are making generalized statements because they want to believe that certain players are on performance enhancers. I don't know if Lebron, Wade, Kobe, etc are on performance enhancers, but until actual proof comes out I'm not going to throw around baseless accusations either.
Les experts et chercheurs s'accordent pour dire qu'une diminution de la hGH n'est pas la cause du vieillissement, et le maintien de niveaux de la jeunesse de l'hormone de croissance ne vous rendra pas le prochain Dick Clark. Ils entendent chuchote que les autres gars l'utilisent et ils pensent," Peut-A?tre que je devrais aussi. Ainsi, 15 UI, trois fois par semaine pour la masse versus 2-4 UI par jour pendant la perte de graisse. Verheist J, R Abs, M Vandeweghe, J Mockel, Legros J, G Copinschi, C Mahler, B Velkeniers, L Vanhaeist, Van Aelst A, De Rijdt D, Stevenaert A, A. Ripped et musculaire A  l'A?ge de 62 ans, Sylvester Stallone est un fervent partisan de l'hormone de croissance.

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