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Whatever your story, if you’re on a Herbalife Weight Loss Challenge in 2014, this could be YOUR CHANCE to have your achievements formally recognised throughout the UK. The Herbalife Weight Loss Challenge Competition is a national competition designed to celebrate weight loss success stories across the UK and Ireland. If you join a Challenge between 2nd January 2014 and 2nd December 2014, you can enter the Weight Loss Challenge Competition.
Completed application forms must be accompanied by a clear, high resolution photo of when you started and finished your challenge!
After the closing date, our judging panel will select two successful finalists from each region who will be invited to the luxurious runnymede-on-thames hotel in Surrey, along with their Herbalife Weight Loss Challenge Coaches.
It’s easy to enter - simply check the T&C’s below to ensure you fit the qualifying criteria and download the application form using the link at the right. Christine is a much loved lifestyle journalist with a wealth of experience writing diet, fitness and lifestyle articles.
Miguel is an award-winning UK nutritionist and Chairman of the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy. All applicants entering into the competition must fulfil the following qualifying criteria. Must be an existing customer who started and completed a Weight Loss Challenge between 2 January 2014 and 2 December 2014 (“time period”). Must be available to attend the Runnymede-on-thames hotel, Windsor Road, Egham, Surrey TW20 0AG on 8 January 2015 to 9 January 2015.
The 2 finalists from each region, the regional winners and the national winners will be picked by an independent judging panel of 3 people alongside one member of Herbalife staff.Winners will be chosen based on a combination of healthy weight loss, change in lifestyle, completion of personal goals and continuation of healthy lifestyle after the Weight Loss Challenge has finished. We accept your competition application as consent to all of the terms and conditions and any other requirements set out in the promotional material. By submitting your application for the competition you consent to Herbalife processing your personal information and competition responses for the purposes of this competition, as set out in these terms and conditions. By submitting your application for the competition you are also agreeing to Herbalife transferring both your personal information and competition responses to our third party public relations office who may contact you in relation to photo shoots, interviews and other press opportunities. Your information will always be safeguarded under the terms and conditions of the Data Protection Act to ensure that the information you provide us with is safe and only used for the purposes you requested. By entering into the competition you agree that any images and competition responses that you submit may be used by Herbalife for the promotion of the Herbalife Weight Loss Challenge and this or future competitions without compensation.
1 competition entry is permitted per each Weight Loss Challenge completed in the time period.

Once the competition is entered you are agreeing to be considered for the regional finalists, regional winners and national winners and to the terms and conditions for all. This is a regional competition with 2 regional finalists being picked from each of the following regions; South England, North England, East England, West England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland. From each region 1 of the finalists will be announced on the night of the 8 January 2015 as the winner from that region. A 3rd, 2nd and 1st placed national winner will be chosen from the 8 regional winners; these winners will be decided on by the judging panel at the time of the regional winner’s selection and based on the same criteria. All regional finalists must be available to attend an awards ceremony from 8 January 2015 to 9 January 2015. Overnight stay is only available on 1 night at the Runnymede-on-thames hotel, Windsor Road, Egham, Surrey TW20 0AG. Spa treatments are only available on 9 January 2015 at the Runnymede-on-thames hotel, Windsor Road, Egham, Surrey TW20 0AG. The personal shopper will only be provided in one department store of Herbalife’s choosing depending on the location of the winner.
Tanita scales will be picked by Herbalife and delivered to the address provided by the Distributor of each regional winner. If prizes are no longer available at the time of competition completion a suitable alternative, to be decided at Herbalife’s absolute discretion, will be provided. No other prizes will be offered in replacement of the mentioned prizes and no cash alternative to any of the prizes is available. Reasonable travel expenses for the regional finalists will be reimbursed by Herbalife up to a maximum of 25p per mile. Travel costs will be reimbursed after the awards ceremony in January 2015 after the receipt of a reimbursement form. If you have already been in contact with a Herbalife coach, then you can simply remain in touch with them to continue to receive the best advice, as well as details, on how to join the Weight Loss Challenge with them. The carefully chosen selection of products included in this Weight-Management Programme provides you with an effective starting solution in weight-management.
It’s open to everybody, women and men of all ages and sizes and in the following eight regions - South England, West England, East England, North England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.The first 2013 competition demonstrated that weight loss is about so much more than physical appearance - it can boost confidence, improve health and perhaps more importantly, lead to a happier, more active lifestyle. Christine helped to judge the 2013 Competition and is a huge source of support for Herbalife in the UK, regularly featuring weight loss case studies on her famous ‘Shape me Up’ page. The awards ceremony was a fabulous event that inspired everybody present and it was wonderful to see first-hand, how Herbalife has helped to transform lives.

The judge’s choice will be subjective and will take into account uniqueness of answers and relevance to competition. For further information please see our standard Privacy and Cookie Policy and Terms of Use. More than 1 application may be permitted if more than 1 Weight Loss Challenge is completed in the time period.
All entries must be sent in by the competition entrant themselves; not following this will result in the application being void.
The national winner will be announced at an award ceremony 8 January 2015 to 9 January 2015, to be attended by all regional finalists. Finalists must confirm to Herbalife by email their availability to attend the awards ceremony within 7 days of Herbalife sending out the winner notification emails. Double rooms for single occupancy only, all upgrades for additional guests are chargeable to the competition applicant not Herbalife.
If you already have a story you'd be proud to share, then send us a few words and we'll be in touch!
It‘s designed to suit your individual needs and work in harmony with your unique body composition to help you manage your weight and shape-up! Anyone can enter and you can send in an entry for every Weight Loss Challenge completed – as long as they are completed by 2nd December 2014. We will not disclose your personal data to any other third parties without your permission to do so.
Unavailability to attend this event, or failure to provide confirmation within the 7 day timescale, will result in forfeiting of winner title and this being passed on to the next runner up.
The date of the stay shall be decided by Herbalife in its sole discretion and will be 8 January 2015 to 9 January 2015. All trademarks and product images exhibited on this site, unless otherwise indicated, are the property of Herbalife International, Inc.

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