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If you are a fan of yogurt and have wondered if you could make your own, it is surprisingly easy. You wake up every morning thinking about how you can get healthier, but then other things happen. If you’re looking for a quick muscle building snack grab a Greek yogurt, as long as you know which type to pick. Greek yogurt differs from conventional yogurt in that it’s strained to remove excess water, whey, and sugar making it protein packed and creamy. You train hard, now make sure to eat smart and make conscious decisions with your nutrition regimen.
So many people head to the gym day after day, week after week, spending countless hours on the weight floor and cardio equipment, doing everything right from a commitment perspective, but still find they just cannot put on the amount of muscle they would be satisfied with.
No matter what your body type is, if you are not eating enough calories each day, your body wont allocate enough calories to building muscle. Making yogurt is a careful process of steps using small amount of items from your local grocery store. You don’t have time for breakfast because you are late for work, you forget to drink water, and you are too tired to go to the gym in the evening.
Greek yogurt has long been advertised as the ideal snack for just about everyone, from endurance athletes to bodybuilders and even the health conscious Yogi. One problem, is that they read muscle magazines and blogs and see images of bodybuilders and believe thats achievable.

People who are hard gainers and naturally thin and lean may find this difficult but its the only way you will pack on the muscle. If you're not squatting, you're not going to put on as much muscle as you potentially could. Your body has probably adapted to your exercise routine and is not being challenged, so therefore not packing on any new muscle. After all, Greek yogurt has healthy fats, important minerals, moderate carbohydrates, and a variety of proteins that digest at different speeds.
With Greek yogurt the main difference is the amount of fat and carbohydrates each has since the protein is fairly equal.
At the same time since the fat slows down digestion it’s the least ideal of the Greek yogurts post-workout. Unfortunately, unless you're doing this professionally like that are, and can spend half your day in the gym, you're just not going to get there.
While machines are great for isolating individual muscles, they should form the lesser part of your routine and you should instead focus on compound exercises which force your body to use many muscles at ones.
Squatting and doing other leg exercises not only build leg muscle, but they build core and upper body muscle too.
Doing too much cardio eats into those precious calories your body should be using to burn fat. If you’re looking to get the muscle contraction and bone building benefits from calcium you’ll have to add fat to the yogurt.

You can keep it clean for fat loss or add in some extras like granola or trail mix if you’re looking to gain mass. Cut down on your cardio, do light cardio, or do quick (20 mins) interval training to burn fat. Try new machines, new exercises, go heavier one week, play around with how many reps you do, take a week off from the gym (yes its good to do that every now and then too). A lot of professional bodybuilders use them to build muscle, without disclosing it, making the everyday guy like you and me question why we can't get as big as they are. Long bouts of cardio are great and keep you and your body healthy, but if you want to build muscle its no productive. However if you’re going for a post-workout boost, add in processed carbs like honey or low fat granola. Luckily it already has the ideal 1:2 protein to carbohydrate ratio for post-workout consumption so no extras are needed.

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