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Health Insurance Benefits: Yesterday and NowBy Wellness MedimanageWith the entry of many health insurance companies in India, there is a greater innovation in terms of customer friendly health insurance benefits. Till a few decades ago buying health insurance was like taking a MTNL or BSNL telephone extension. Traditional mediclaim policies would cover hospitalization, pre and post hospitalization expenses, ambulance charges, domiciliary treatment, and day care procedures however in the recent times; there has been a drastic change in the health insurance benefits offered by various health insurance companies.
In the past, health insurance buyers had the options of choosing only from PSU companies, of late, with the entry of exclusive health insurance companies in India, one can see the much needed innovation in terms of customer friendly benefits such as lifelong renewal, restoration of cover, portability offered by these key players.
There are various health insurance benefits (other than the hospitalization expenses) offered by health insurance companies which are generally unused due to lack of knowledge.
To make things simpler, here are some of the good and unique health insurance benefits offered by the insurance companies in the recent time. Most traditional mediclaim policies had a fixed age limit but in the recent times there are some policies that have eliminated the exit age clause i.e.
Typically, a traditional policy would cover only one insured member for the coverage or sum insured but in the recent times family floater health insurance is designed to cover the family’s medical expenses under one umbrella. Oriental insurance family floater covers your immediate family members (spouse, dependent children, parents or parents in laws up to the age of 60 years) while Max Bupa Family First covers up to 13 relationships under one umbrella. Some health insurance product undertakes to reinstate the basic sum insured in case the policy holder utilizes the entire the cover in a particular year. While a standard health insurance policy would cover only doctor’s consultation fee only if they are a part of the treatment for which the insured individual is hospitalized but in the recent times specialized health insurance companies have understood the importance of getting second opinion from a specialized doctor and hence offer the benefit of second opinion from a medical practitioner for selected major illnesses.
Earlier traditional mediclaim polices did not cover maternity expenses, but of late health insurance plans from Max Bupa, Star Health, Apollo cover maternity expenses and also provide the vaccination expenses for the children.
Unlike the traditional polices that require a minimum 24 hour hospitalization for reimbursement, new health insurance providers cover outpatient department (OPD) expenses, like routine doctor consultations, medical checks, dentist consultation and treatment bills.
In the traditional days the premium structures of the health insurance policies remained same in any place in India, but in the recent times some companies like Bharti AXA, Max Bupa, New India Assurance, Star Health, and L& T Insurance have introduced the concept of Zone based premiums for Metros and Smaller Towns. The older policies do offer a no claim bonus but in the recent times a lot of emphasis is laid on retaining customers by offering higher no claim bonus.
Unlike times where health insurance policies were brought only through agents appointed by the health insurance company, in the recent times with the advancement in technology health insurance can now be purchased through specialized online health insurance brokers.
There are many such benefits that are designed by the health insurance company to attract customers. To know more about the benefits of various health insurance products do write to us in the comments section below.

The opinions expressed herein are authors personal opinions and do not represent any one's view in anyway.Do not use this information to diagnose or treat your problem without consulting your doctor. The sum assured is shared between all members and hence is available to anyone or all members in case of any eventuality during the term policy.
The Religare Care offers an improved restored option where the insured individual does not have to wait for the sum insured to be exhausted.
Please note, that this benefit is covered post waiting period for maternity ranging from 2 years to 4 years. The inclusion of OPD benefits means that the insured individual need not be hospitalized to seek insurance benefits. The pricing structure for the health insurance policies for smaller towns is lower than the pricing in metro cities mainly because the medical expenditure and cost of treatment is higher metro cities. They deal with various health insurance companies and can help you compare products and choose the best health insurance policy that fits your personal requirement.
This a win-win situation for the customer as they are now surrounded with a plethora of options to choose and select the best that suits their needs. Derivatives in the British blackcurrant are now being formulated into treating Alzheimera€™s disease.Researchers will also be developing ways of enhancing the vitamin C content of the berries, to ensure that we can all have a healthy diet without the need for taking additional supplements.
This is an important benefit as most individuals need a health insurance policy in the latter years of their life. ICICI Complete health and Star Health Comprehensive offer health insurance with OPD benefits. Many people are unaware that blackcurrants, weight loss, possess a higher vitamin C content than an orange. In the recent times policies from Tata AIG, Bajaj and Apollo Munich have down away with the ceilings.
Blackcurrants have been in existence in the UK from round the 17th century and something of the most beneficial berries you are able to eat due to their high content of anthocyanins, which provides them their dark colour.
Anthocyanins are water-soluble pigments that provide red, blue and purple fruits their colour.
The colour tone of pigment varies because of the pH level.Benefits of Black CurrantThe currant is really a fruit bearing shrub, via Tibet, extended and cultivated in Europe, dating 400 in the past. Its foliage is divided into 3-5 triangular lobes, with tooth-like margins, slightly hairy on their own interior side. The flowers are small, yellowish-green colored on the exterior and red inside, sorted into 5-10 hanging groups.

In its wild state, it may be found in more temperate, wet and funky zones, averted from strong winds.
The various components used from the black currant are its leaves and fruits, harvested soon after the complete maturing from the fruits.Properties of Black Currant plantContaining tannin, vitamin C, potassium salts, and acrylic, the black currant is a great diuretic, anti-sclerotic, pectoral, sudorific, stomachic, anti-diaretic, anti-colitic, anti-stringent, hypotensive, and anti-rheumatic. TreatmentsBlack Currant Health BenefitsThe fruits, leaves and buds from the black currant have multiple effects in treating and preventing various diseases. Since it contains vitamin C, the black currant can be used in treating cardiovascular diseases, preventing cardiac insufficiency and vascular accidents, zinc heightens the resistance of fragile sanguine capillaries, reduces arterial hypertension. Also, it intensifies weak peripheral circulation caused by menopause, cleans the blood of toxins, wastes and cholesterol. The guarana plant stimulates digestion, energizes the functioning of the liver, pancreas, spleen and kidneys. Due to the diuretic qualities, the plant is wonderful for people suffering from oliguria.Being astringent, this fruit is advantageous against diarrhea and dysentery. The diet with one of these fruits is also recommended to plethoric and lymphatic people and also to women who suffer from circulation disorders because of menopause. Black currant is usually recommended as a systemic anti-inflammatory agent with actions much like those of natural cortisone, in cutaneous, acute and chronic allergies, bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis, and diabetic retinopathy. In external use, the mixtures from black currant fruits can be used for treating abcess, dermatosis, eczemas, insect stings or hits. The mixtures from buds are utilized in urticaria.MixturesThe black currant tea is ready from 2 teaspoons of leaves reduce small pieces, soaked in 250 ml of boiled water.
Throat washes can be created with it more times each day for treating inflamed tonsils and throat aches.Black currant cream is ready out of fresh fruits.
Enjoy the contrasting taste of sweetness and sharpness unique for this delicious fruit, try with avocado or with tuna to obtain a real taste sensation. Adults could try fermenting their very own alcoholic beverages from the berries, and also the syrup version called cassis is becoming increasingly popular over the past few years.
Add a little with a wine and sparkling water to produce your own cocktail; ideal within the garden to accompany a barbeque.

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