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The air that we breathe indoors is not as fresh and does not have the benefits of fresh air we find outside. Some health tips for people wanting to improve their general well being and attain fresh health benefits, is to get out there and start breathing in the purity of the air in nature.
Imagine the clean air while enjoying Kruger safaris.  There is the issue of dust that collects on all surfaces in our houses not only affecting our breathing but causing havoc on the people who suffer from allergies. Adults spend up to eight hours in the buildings they work in and children, six hours in school.

The fumes from a burnt meal, when it may happen, also get into our respiratory system with bad results. In order to implore healthy living, we need to get into the outdoors and enjoy some of that beneficial vitamin d and sunshine.
Fresh air cleans and purifies our lungs as the health benefits of oxygen are evident in people who spend more time in the outdoors rather than cooped up in front of the computer.  We may cough a bit at first when being in a fresh air environment but that is just our lungs getting rid of the impurities we inhale on a daily basis. After a while we start to breath deeper, which brings more oxygen to our cells which in return gives us more energy.

Try birding safaris and feel how just one day out in the open, assists with healthy breathing.

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