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While more studies are required to confirm this as a proven benefit, there are some studies that have shown prevention of prostate cancer and oral cancer. Sugar Water: Boil water until boiling, put the sugar, boil again and cook until sugar dissolves. Prepare the serving glasses, rub sweet condensed milk on the inside wall of cup, pour juice avocado. Vegetable Juice Benefits – 10 Different Vegetables To Inspire You To Drink Vegetable Juice! An excellent anti-inflammatory food possessing a unique profile of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant rich properties.  The majority (85%) of calories from an avocado come from potent anti-inflammatory fats that support healthy function of the brain, blood vessels, joints, and more. Heart healthy for your dog and cat when consumed on a regular basis (daily or several times per week), avocado can contribute to cardiovascular health helping to lower risk of heart disease and high blood pressure, reduce bad cholesterol (LDL), and reduce oxidative stress within the blood stream.
Excellent for metabolic health and can help your dog or cat avoid the on-set of metabolic issues including improving blood sugar control and insulin sensitivity when avocado is consumed regularly as part of a well-balanced, species appropriate diet.
Good source of dietary fiber that helps regulate blood sugar levels, aids digestive and eliminatory health, and detoxification. Rich source of carotenoids and the fat required to help the body make full use of the beneficial carotenoids. Good for your dog’s and cat’s eyes – avocado contains lutein and zeaxanthin two natural source phytochemicals that are crucial for eye health. While it is great if you can purchase organic avocado, conventionally grown avocado is a good choice too. Avocado is ready to eat when the avocado is a little soft (not mushy), and when you remove the skin the flesh is green with no brown or dark spots.

When removing the skin, be careful to preserve the dark green flesh that is found just underneath the avocado skin. The nutrients in avocado are degraded by heat and cooking so serve fresh and raw – do not heat or cook. If you are not going to use the entire avocado at one meal you can sprinkle a little organic apple cider vinegar or fresh lemon juice on the flesh of the avocado to prevent oxidation (darkening of the flesh after prolonged exposure to air). I am a Dog Whisperer, Dog Behaviorist and Holistic Canine Wellness Adviser with a wealth of real-time, real-life experience living and working with dogs.
For those of you who have not try it, try getting some ripen avocado and spread it on your bread and see if you like the taste. Avocado has monosaturated fats that help reduce LDL levels which protects the heart in the long term. The high levels of antioxidants help prevent skin aging, skin damage, aids in skin repair, boosts your immune system and also slows down the again process.
Now that you know it, instead of spending your money on multivitamins or potassium supplements, get yourself some avocado; make some avocado juice using our recipes or just make a spread out of it!
Avocado is excellent for your dog’s and cat’s liver health as nutrients in avocado support production of the important antioxidant, glutathione. If your dog’s and cat’s food or treats contains carotenoid rich, low fat vegetables and fruit such as kale or spinach, carrot, and tomato – add a slice of avocado to the meal to help maximize the benefits of the carotenoids. The USDA’s and FDA’s recent (2015) tests indicated that conventionally raised avocado was the cleanest of all fruit tested for pesticide residue – only 1% of avocados tested showed any detectable pesticides. The fresh, raw piece of cut avocado flesh can be given as a treat, or mixed in with your dog’s and cat’s food.

After you have tested your dog’s and cat’s tolerance you can add it to meal’s following the guidelines below. A lot more research needs to be done in this area to further elucidate the process of anti-aging from avocado in your diet. The seed (pit), and skin of the avocado are NOT safe for dogs and cats to consume.  When offering your dog or cat avocado – always remove the skin, and the seed – offer ONLY the flesh of the avocado.
If firm, do not refrigerate – simply place in a bowl on the counter (where your dog cannot ‘steal’ it) and allow to ripen.
I use a knife to nick the avocado, and then draw the knife from the top tip of the avocado down to the bottom of the avocado on one side (vertical, not horizontal), and then the other side – do this all around the avocado and then you can slip a spoon under the skin to carefully peel away the skin while preserving the integrity of the dark green layer of flesh attached to the fruit. Some of you may not like it but those of you who don’t like spreading avocado on your bread, why not juice it? If the avocado has ripened to the point of being mushy throw it in the garbage – do not give over-ripe avocado to your dog or cat. The flesh of overripe avocado is brown, may have dark spots, and the flesh may be sunken or have cracks.

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