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This new purpose-built club opened in June 2002 and expanded in October 2004 to take in a new and improved circuit studio. Cardio Theatre with 32 pieces including rowers, treadmills, cross-trainers, steppers and stationery cycles with tv programmes, sports game or music channel. Two separate weight training areas with the first one containing pin loaded machine weights for ease of use. The main weights area features the latest Life Fitness, Polaris and Hammer Strength plate loaded machines and Australian Barbell Company rubber coated free weight equipment.
The Northwood Creche is indepentantly owned and operated by the Northwood Pre-School and is available to members and non-members alike. Physio South - an ACC accredited physiotherapy group is available to treat the needs of non-members and members alike. Pro-Gear selling the latest fitness clothing from Asics and Champion as well as great nutritional and tanning supplements. This personal training gym has received some great reviews so if you are in the Philadelphia area we'd suggest you speak to these guys. If heading to Melbourne area try out this gym which specialises in weight loss, body shaping, body building and personal training.
A brand new state of the art 12,800 square feet of fitness with a complete cardiovascular center, machine-circuit weight training equipment, 10,000 lbs.

Personal trainers in Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky, and various other areas of Ohio. Our trained staff can help you devise a plan to help you reach your goal of putting on or loosing weight.
Our highly trained and experienced staff can offer you personal training on a 1 to 1 basis. Stones gym has heritage, experience and is fully equipped for you to sculpt your perfect body.
You can find a wide variety of nutritional and food supplements avialable to purchase at Stones Gym. Product DescriptionBayou Fitness Total Trainer 4000-XL Home Gym Introducing the Bayou Total Trainer 4000-XL with its striking patriotic red, white and blue logo on the cushion.
Whether you want to shed those extra centimeters or take your fitness and performance to the next level, I am ready and willing to work with you to reach your goals. Facilities provide individual shower cubicles, disabled facilities, free lockers and saunas.
Give your feedback on the gym, or just come and have a look at what people are saying, if you are thinking of joining. From whey protein to Amino acids and Meal replacements, Multipower has it all here at Stones.

Unlike anything before, the new Super Tuff Roller System (TPU-90-AE) delivers an exceptionally smooth ride that is unparalleled to any unit on the market today.
Each Total Trainer comes with exercise cards that allow you to personalize and track your training program.
The Total Trainer utilizes your body weight for resistance, eliminating the need for heavy weights. If you want to lose fat and slow down the aging process, you must strength train to add muscle, burn calories, and to look and feel young again.
The device utilizes your own body weight for resistance training, eliminating the need for a room full of heavy weights and helping you achieve a lean, toned physique.
You can adjust the percentage of body weight lifted, from 4% to 69%, by moving the incline up or down, providing safe and effective results. With 14 custom programs, you can select the programs that meet your needs, from warm-up to cool-down. The durable device has a 385-pound user capacity with 11 levels of resistance, while a Super Tuff Roller System delivers an exceptionally smooth ride.

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