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The Black Prince shares his thoughts on nutrition, supplements, motivation and the state of pro bodybuilding in this exclusive Q&A with the Golden Age legend! Progressive determination and a willingness to challenge conventional thinking typify Robinson, the Black Prince of bodybuilding. Following this seizure, I continued to build my body, because I didn't know what was wrong. I am supposed to be doing another photo shoot soon, so I would like to be in my best shape at all times. I tell anyone, and especially an aging athlete, that supplementation makes all the difference.
I created this anabolic pack through Jarrow supplements, and it consists of seven supplements: creatine, glutamine, amino acid recovery, flax seed oil, B vitamin complex, a bone-density formula and vitamin C. When I first came into bodybuilding in the '70s, there was a lot of discussion about putting blacks on the cover [of bodybuilding magazines]. Well, I would go to the [Weider] offices and each time I would have made improvements to my physique. Joe Weider is widely considered to be instrumental to the careers of many IFBB professionals. Almost every time Robby Robinson and Joe Weider are mentioned in the same sentence, the subject of him appropriating your image comes up.
It's hard to really speak out about it, to go in there and make blame and point fingers at people.
There are many bodybuilding fans who would love bodybuilding to return to its '70s roots, where the pro game was emerging on a greater scale and the physiques were more balanced. You have played a major role helping promote and support professional bodybuilding and many fans feel you are one of the all-time greats. Check back soon for part three of this exclusive interview: Robby discusses the 1994 Masters Mr.
As an active martial artist, bodybuilder and accredited personal trainer, David employs the latest cutting edge research to enhance his own progress. I was thrown through the windshield, all 220 pounds, and landed on the right side of my head. For this shoot, I will go in there and begin with something like 325 [pounds] with the goal of deadlifting 600.

I pack this up and send it to clients all over the world and have been doing this for the past seven years. I have been doing my own research and reading, and have been working with this company called DNA Next. I did not want to have any liver or kidney problems, which I see today, but which also happened back then to some degree. I remember being at the Weider offices and one of the ladies who worked there commented on a cover I was on with Patsy Chapman, where I was standing with my hands on my hips [the June, 1983 edition of Muscle & Fitness].
One comment many fans of this movie make, though, is that despite the quality of your physique you were only on screen for a short period. As I said before, I love bodybuilding and working out, going to Gold's Gym and getting a great workout. What are your thoughts on Joe Weider using your physical likeness to build the now infamous statue which bears his facial resemblance?
Sometimes you give a little bit and not take; sometimes you give a bit of that good part of your life and good things happen down the road.
People say, "Robby, thanks for bringing bodybuilding to the masses and making it something people can aspire to.
Olympia, his secrets for getting ripped pre-contest, and how he built size in the offseason.
With a Printed Logo and made with 100% Cotton, our stringers are designed for the perfect fit. The information provided on this site is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional or any information contained on or in any product label or packaging.
They [Ironman magazine] want to document it for the record while also pushing the importance of health and fitness. You send them a swab taken from the inside of your mouth and they tell you what is missing in your diet and how you can make your body bigger and stronger.
With the Pumping Iron situation, it boiled down to the fact that you had two incredible physiques: Robby Robinson and Arnold Schwarzenegger. He gave bodybuilders a platform to shine on, and he made people believe they can get better.
Phil Heath, he has the kind of physique that should be out there; he has a beautiful physique.

You should consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, before taking any medication, or if you have or suspect you might have a health problem. During that process I remember getting up one night - because I was getting ready to do a tour in Europe - and, getting out of bed, I reached for the sliding glass door. I went through all these things and, just when I thought I was right, I would have another seizure.
I also combine three scoops of yerba mate fiber 3-4 times per day to support prostate health. Because then you would have had to compare my physique with his and they didn't want to go into that. Information about each product is taken from the labels of the products or from the manufacturer's advertising material.
There was the whole Robby Robinson against Mike Mentzer, the Weider System against Mentzer's Heavy Duty.
And I thought it was such a crowning moment in that it was clear that blacks do sell on the covers. It put me out there, but at the same time it had a tremendous effect on my worldwide notoriety. I would have to work a bit harder, but I would rather go after someone like Phil Heath's physique than Kai Greene. But he believed I could have an effect on people - of my race and others - and help to change their attitudes so they can achieve what they want. I think they should work more on balancing their physiques to bring them back to what beautiful bodybuilding is really about: beautiful bodies.
That created a not-so-good atmosphere and hurt the relationship between me and Arnold and the people who were doing the Pumping Iron movie. Nobody gets any money for all of this, but being in the public arena helped me become successful later on in life, after leaving bodybuilding.

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