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EVstudio has been selected to design a remodel of the existing 19,600 sf facility used by Montclair Academy at Lowry.
EVstudio is the architecture, planning and design firm dedicated to giving you information that you need for your project.
We have three offices, one in Denver led by Sean O'Hara, one in Evergreen, Colorado led by Dean Dalvit and one in Copperas Cove, Texas led by Gene Dane.
Our firm does a large variety of project types including designing and documenting custom residential, multifamily, commercial, educational, medical, retail, industrial, hospitality and performance spaces.
EVstudio is dedicated to not only creating great work but also to helping people get more information about architecture and why we make the decisions that we do.

We will do residential projects and commercial projects, new construction and remodels, in state and out of state.
We place great emphasis on working to understand each individual clients needs and thus our product is very client driven. It will primarily be about experiences that we've had in the initial years of EVstudio along with our outlook for the future. It will feature new content, a better picture of our full range of services and be integrated with this blog and more information for our clients.
In addition we spend a lot of effort on working on the accuracy and thoroughness of our documents.

In addition we are going to have project specific pages to help with information on projects that are in process. Even if your project is months or years out we're happy to answer your questions and put you on the right track. We have several team members who are LEED AP and we are interested in sustainable projects.

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