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Free Growth Share Matrix Template for PowerPoint is a simple PowerPoint presentation template with a market share chart design or Growth Share Matrix. Inside this presentation template for PowerPoint you can find three slide designs with Market Share layouts. PowerPoint® is registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation and this site do not have any relationship with Microsoft Corp. Executive with a Track Record in Developing Growth Strategies and Solutions: I have devised and implemented winning strategies that have opened up new markets and business opportunities.
Many companies have used this framework for years to figure out the best places to invest their limited resources.
Hence I do feel that this is not the right strategy framework for innovating in today’s business environment. This framework suggests that every leader should look at their business over three horizons (short, medium and long) and set their investment priorities based on their expectations across the three horizons.
Though this is a good framework it really does not address the core capability question for the company. Though this framework is not as simple as the other two frameworks, it does a good job of laying down the business opportunities as core, adjacent and new. Business leaders can plot their current and future business opportunities on this framework as a bubble chart (size of bubble corresponds to revenue potential of the opportunity), and clearly see where to invest their time, effort and capital.

Though this helps in framing the strategic opportunities well, it does lack the time aspect. You can easily copy and paste the bubbles to represent any desired business unit or product and locate it in the relative market share axes. We are an independent website offering free presentation solutions and free PowerPoint backgrounds for presentations. The former sets the vision and goals to aspire, while the later provides the execution power needed to meet the goals. When it comes to strategy frameworks there is no one size that fits all, and hence I would like to share my opinions on few of the strategy frameworks that I have used in the past, the pros and cons of using the framework and my recommendation.
It is a powerful framework as it helps in prioritizing the investments by short and long-term potential of the business.It tells us to milk our cash cows, kill the dogs, improve question marks and invest in the stars.
For example, it is not always easy to kill the dog or milk the cash cow without investing (because competition will catch up and the cash cow will turn into a dog within two years). For example, Horizon 1 is all about superior execution so the investment should focus on scale and efficiency of the business.
It does not force the business leaders to think outside the box in terms of potential future opportunities which are not on companies radar. Also, it helps them think out of the box and really explore other areas which are beyond the core, which helps the business leaders in focusing and creating long-term value for their shareholders.

My son and I are pretty much outdoors and sports oriented while my daughter and my wife like the indoors. Also, this framework does not really help in figuring out the future growth opportunities, i.e. Horizon 2 is about Positional Advantage, so the investment focuses on becoming the market leader and setting the standards.
This allows me to have a healthy discussion about investment opportunities followed by an investment timeline.
Horizon 3 is about innovation, where company try a few things which could be a hit or miss. But the investment in Horizon 3 sets the tone for future value contribution by the company.

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