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You’ve likely seen some of these common farming and processing terms on labels and packaging. CERTIFIFIED ORGANIC: Products that meet the USDA National Organic Program production and handling standards.
FREE-RANGE: Implies that a product comes from an animal that was raised unconfined (free to roam). GRASS-FED: Animals on a strict diet of fresh pasture during the growing season and stored grasses (hay or grass silage) during winter months or drought conditions.

NATURALLY GROWN: All “natural” meat and poultry products can only undergo minimal processing and can’t contain artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or other artificial ingredients.
NO ANTIBIOTICS: Antibiotics are sometimes given to cows, hogs, sheep and chicken to manage or prevent disease.
NO HORMONES: Hormones are commonly used in commercial farming of cattle to speed growth rate and increase milk production. PESTICIDE-FREE: While farm may not be organic, “pesticide-free” indicates that no pesticides, herbicides or fungicides have applied to the crop at any point during production.

Meadowbrook Farm next organic roasting chickens will Oct 3 All are raised on the property with no growth hormones, no antibiotics or filler. Farmers must submit an annual organic system plan and have their field and processing facilities inspected to verify organic practices.

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