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Jamie Oliver is planning a campaign to stop British food standards being lowered to allow American food imports pumped full of pesticides and hormones into the UK. The TV chef hopes to intervene to stop a trade agreement between the European United and U.S. The agreement could also open the EU to chickens containing arsenic, poultry that has been chemically washed, and pesticides used on fruit and vegetables.
Mr Oliver has previously launched food campaigns in the UK, notably on the standard of school dinners.
If the US government gets their way Europe is going to stay busy building more hospitals and graduating more doctors. Une tournee nationale d’un immense cheval de Troie denoncera les dangers du CETA, a partir du samedi 4 juin a Paris et tout au long du mois de juin dans une douzaine de villes de France. Health groups register their contempt for the upcoming EU-Philippines Free Trade Agreement.
El proximo 6 de junio se cumplen 13 anos desde que el Estado de Chile decidio firmar el Tratado de Libre Comercio (TLC) con Estados Unidos.
Greenpeace, trade unions and the global trade network Our World Is Not For Sale (OWINFS) claim TiSA is the latest secretly negotiated trade deal that undermines climate change action. The third largest chicken producer in America, Perdue Foods, is a starting a revolution in its ideas for chicken food safety.

On the 3rd of September, the company announced that they have ceased using antibiotics in all their chicken hatcheries. However, in order to control the spread of disease at the hatcheries, Perdue has devised four actions to help prevent any sickness. Goats arrived in Australia with the First Fleet in 1788 and spread with settlers throughout the country. All-Natural Angus Beef that's been humanely raised on a strict vegetarian diet, with no steroids, growth hormones or antibiotics. Secretary of State, on the issue, but wasn’t able to show her a video message he recorded on the subject. Opositores del TPP llaman a movilizarse contra este nuevo acuerdo que pone en riesgo la soberania chilena.
Since 2007, Perdue has stopped their use of growth hormones in their chicken and does nto use any human antibiotics in their feed.
Over time we hope to make it a great source for resources, news, information and occasionally a good chuckle.
Australia’s wild goats occupy about 1.21 million square kilometres, mostly in the semi-arid and arid lands used for pastoral farming of sheep. Goat has exceptional nutritional qualities offering significant benefits for the health conscious.

My GP claimed that it may have been due to the growth hormones fed to USA cattle getting into the human food chain which was disputed at the time. The company does use an animal-only antibiotic to control an intestinal parasite and uses antibiotics to treat and control illness in sick flocks. Goat meat is extremely low in calories and has a lower fat content than lean chicken yet has iron levels higher than beef. Wild goats weigh about 2.6 kilograms at birth, with male kids being heavier than females, a difference they retain throughout their lives. Completely free from antibiotics, chemicals, growth hormones or any artificial intervention making it the ultimate free range and organic meat!
Adult goats (over three years old) from South Australia weigh about 45 kilograms for females and 60 kilograms for males.
Consumers can be assured it is a safe meat to eat, processed to comply with strict Australian and Export standards.

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