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ADH = Antidiuretic Hormone = Vasopressin = increase water reabsorption in kidney = conserve water, increase blood pressure. Oxytocin = stimulates uterine contractions during labor, also milk secretion during suckling. FSH = Follicle Stimulating Hormone = Stimulate ovary follicles to mature, testis to produce sperm. LH = Luteinizing Hormone = LH surge triggers ovulation, stimulates testis to produce testosterone. ACTH = AdrenoCorticoTropic Hormone = Stimulates adrenal cortex to release glucocorticoids and mineralocorticoids.
Parathyroid: makes Parathyroid Hormone (PTH), which increases blood Ca2+ by bone resorption, dietary calcium absorption, and calcium reabsorption in kidneys. Mineralocorticoids = aldosterone = increase Na+ and water retention, raises blood pressure.
If cause of disease is lack of iodine in diet, then goiter develops from an accumulation of thyroid hormone precursor lacking iodine.
Acromegaly = too much Growth Hormone later on in life = disproportioned growth of certain areas of the body (the parts that still respond to growth hormone).

Steroid hormone (and thyroid hormone even though it's amino acid based) goes inside the cell.
Specificity depends on the target cells having the receptors for the hormone, and non-target cells lacking receptors for the hormone. The nervous system can modulate and override normal control of hormones based on the status of the body. Humoral: glands directly respond to chemical levels in the blood (parathyroid respond to low blood calcium). Feedback loop = positive feedback (reinforce initial event), negative feedback (counteracts initial event), or reflex arc (usually a type of negative feedback). Reflex arc = knee jerk = tapping the knee tendon causes sudden stretching of the muscle, which lead to contraction of that muscle that creates the knee jerk = negative feedback. During the knee-jerk, in addition to contracting the extensor, the reflex relaxes the flexor. Golgi tendon reflex: sudden contraction of the quads (extensor), causes a negative feedback that relaxes the quads and contracts the hamstrings (flexor). Skin: touch, heat and pain receptors close to the surface (dermis-epidermis boundary), pressure receptors deeper in the dermis.

Picked up by the membrane receptors on cilia (non-mobile, but they increase the surface area) of the olfactory receptor cell.
Vestibule = contacts the oval window (where stirrup vibrates), is continuous with semicircular canals and cochlea. Semicircular canals = 3 of them perpendicular to one another = senses position and movement of the head, help you balance. The brain combines the two images from each eye to make a 3D image, from which you can judge distance.
Another reason for combining the two images from both eyes is that it gets rid of the blind spot in each eye.
For example, the body's blood "normal" glucose level is set higher when you're under stress.

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