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Exotic Meat Market established in 1969 delivers hard to find Exotic Meats from all over the world at your door in the USA and Canada.
Yaks have been an integral part of the Tibetan and Nepalese culture for 5,000 years, used not only as pack animals and for milk but also as a source of meat.
Never before has the world seen such a revolution in consumer demand for healthy, natural foods. The US Food and Drug Administration has been approving a large number of steroid hormones for use in food animals since the 1950s, while recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH) and recombinant bovine somatotropin (rBST) is given to dairy cows to increase milk production. The hormone rBGH has been approved for use in dairy cows by the FDA since 1933; rBST, another form, was created and approved by Monsanto and approved for use in November, 1993. Numerous countries around the world have banned the use of rBGH and rBST, including the entire European Union and Canada.
According to the American Cancer Society, “The available evidence shows that the use of rBGH can cause adverse health effects in cows.
Antibiotics have caused concern primarily due to the scare of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in humans. The New England Journal of Medicine published a study on February 6, 2002 linking people with Cipro-resistant bacteria acquired these harmful bacteria from eating pork meat contaminated with salmonella.
The controversy then stems from this, with many arguing that sub-therapeutic use of antibiotics in feed animals is increasing drug resistance in humans. Furthermore, higher levels of inorganic arsenic were found in chicken meat from chickens treated with the drug 3-Nitro (Roxarsone) when evaluated by the FDA. A trip to the supermarket now lends a greater choice in types of meat available, including a “Grass-fed” label.
Large farm operations often rely on unnatural diets to fatten animals with less cost and in less time.
In general, organic meat is always better to purchase than those with a “natural” label or no label at all.

Unless you choose to be a vegan, sometimes it is inevitable that there is only non-organic meat available when you eat out. To protect yourself from these hormones, antibiotics, and chemicals, it is important that you boost your immune system. Please help us to share this eye-opening article with your friends using any of the social media and email buttons below.
As a homesteader, growing most of our food, including chicken I can explain the large size.
As a back yard chicken grower, We opt for a breed (Freedom Rangers) which also grow very quickly, but are a week or two behind the Cornish X’s. Not only is meat production a leading cause of global warming and water usage, the processes by which meat is raised is causing great concern.
Hormones used in meat include these naturally occurring hormones and their synthetic versions.
The US has yet to ban such hormones as the FDA works with Monsanto to ensure the practice continues and argues that the product is safe.
Another study by the same journal in 2001 showed that 20 percent of supermarket ground meat was salmonella-contaminated and that 84 percent of the salmonella was resistant to some form of antibiotic. However, others argue that the increased use of prescription antibiotics for even minor illnesses plays an equal – if not greater – role in humans contracting drug-resistant bacteria. Grass-fed, by simplest definition, means the cattle graze on pasture and aren’t fattened up at a feedlot prior to slaughter. California State University College of Agriculture extensively studied the benefits of grass-fed beef and 30 years of science behind it, concluding that grass-fed beef has higher antioxidant content and fatty acid composition. Organic meat has stricter guidelines and requirements, ensuring no unnecessary antibiotics or synthetic hormones go into the production of the meat; these animals also have natural diets. Chicken meat should never be an unnatural, bright pink color and the fat should be white or a deep, yellowish color, never gray; avoid buying chicken that has these characteristics at all costs.

She has helped over tens of thousands of men and women to lose weight and transform their health with sound nutrition advice. The use of synthetic hormones and antibiotics in meat and dairy production has caused an uprising among consumers, along with feeding unnatural diets and questionable farming practices. These hormone rBGH increases milk production in dairy cattle up to 15 percent and other synthetic hormones increase the growth rate in food animals and how efficiently the animal can turn the food it eats into meat.
Both Cipro and Baytril belong to fluoroquinolone, a highly effective and powerful class of antibiotics. While many food animals will gladly eat grains and even eat them as part of a natural, well-rounded diet, a diet comprising completely of grains is unnatural.
The Cornish Cross standard meat chicken has been bred to grow at a fantastic rate, reaching a market weight of 4-5 pounds easily in 8 weeks. Either way, a bird bred for meat production will be large very young, but most likely would not be able to self reproduce.
In some cases, these unnatural diets also include protein from mammal sources are unidentified by-products and waste. These birds cannot be kept much longer than that, as the tremendous growth rate adversely affects joints, bones and organs.
They often will have congestive heart failure with a circulatory system which cannot support their size. I still suffer DAILY PAIN in muscles, much fatigue, NERVE PAIN about4x a week, SPASMS about 2x a month.

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