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You’ve seen disturbing images and videos of factory farm animals being forced to live in the absolute worst of conditions, but a new overhead video captured by a spy drone reveals a whole new sector of disturbing factory farm activity.
Thousands of similar factory farms exist in just North Carolina alone, giving you an idea of how prevalent these corporate farms have become. As the drone video’s extended YouTube premiere explains, there are serious health consequences for those nearby (not to mention those eating factory farm livestock that are injected with antibiotics and growth hormones). But perhaps the most disturbing twist to the river of feces and waste is the method of disposal. Sadly, we have seen numerous reports and studies revealing the extent by which factory farms are in fact threatening our health and the planet at large.
As whistleblowers and concerned farmers begin to speak out and expose the true nature of the factory farming complex, real change will be forced to occur.

But in order to generate concern among the public, it’s essential that they first become aware of these issues.
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It may come as no surprise to know that factory farming produces a whopping 100 times more waste than the United States population at large. When the general public sees how their food supply is truly being raised (and how the US government is fully subsidizing it), corporations will be forced to adopt new practices. Spread the word by sharing this disturbing article via social media and initiate the change.
And this is just one part of this factory farm system by Murphy-Brown, a subdivision of Smithfield Farms — the largest pork producer in the United States.

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