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Endocrine growth control involves complex interactions of several hormones and growth factors, acting in both an endocrine and a paracrine or autocrine manner. Twenty intact male calves were weaned at 7-8 months and housed in collective pens for 180 days. Total RNA was isolated from Nelore (Bos indicus) anterior pituitary glands by the acidified phenol-guanidinium thiocyanate method (Chomczynski and Sacchi, 1987).
Total RNA was extracted from whole pituitary using the acidified phenol-guanidinium thiocyanate method (Chomczynski and Sacchi, 1987) and the concentration determined by measuring absorbance at 260 nm (Sambrook et al., 1989). The complete DNA sequence and the encoded protein of the GH35 clone, the longest clone isolated from the cDNA library, was determined (Figure 1).
Dot-blot hybridization was used to analyze the GH expression in young bull pituitary glands from two different breed groups treated and nontreated with rbST. In our study, rbST treatment had no significant effect on GH mRNA transcription or on pituitary weights.
Since the Nelore animals had a lower growth rate and lower plasmatic IGF-I levels, the tendency towards higher GH mRNA concentrations was unexpected, but it could involve polymorphisms in the GH gene sequence. Relationships between gene variants and plasmatic GH and IGF-I levels have been reported by Schlee et al.
Sequence variations of the region involved in bovine GH gene regulation have also been reported, with Hecht and Geldermann (1996) identifying six variable nucleotide sites in the 5’-flanking region, some of them potentially binding sites for trans-acting factors possibly involved in genetic expression. In conclusion, pituitary weight was proportional to body weight in both breed groups and the amount of GH mRNA was slightly but not significantly higher in Bos indicus than in Bos taurus crosses.
Growth hormone (GH) treatment in young adults with childhood-onset GH deficiency has beneficial effects on bone mass. In young adults with childhood-onset growth hormone deficiency (CO GHD), GH treatment after final height is reached has been shown to have beneficial effects on spine and hip bone mineral density. Cortical bone reacts promptly to reinstitution of GH beyond the attainment of final height by increasing the cortical thickness through endosteal bone growth. IntroductionYoung adults with childhood-onset growth hormone deficiency (CO GHD) have lower bone mineral density than healthy controls [1, 2], displaying reduced cortical thickness, cortical cross-sectional area and overall cortical mineral content [3].
MethodsStudy designThis was part of a randomised, controlled, open-label study conducted at 22 sites in 12 countries (Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK) [13]. Statistical methodsPrimary analysis of the treatment effect was performed with an ANCOVA model including correction for baseline level and the treatment effect on the logarithmic transformed changes from baseline.Analyses of the influence of gender, height, weight and BMI were made by including them one by one in a repeated measurement ANCOVA model with treatment, visit, interaction between treatment and visit and baseline level as fixed effects and subject as a random effect.
ResultsBaseline demographicsPatients (na€‰=a€‰160) were randomised to receive GH (na€‰=a€‰109) or no treatment (na€‰=a€‰51). Changes in metacarpal bone dimensions over 24 months (estimated mean A± 95% confidence interval). DiscussionThe main finding of the present study was that GH substitution, after achievement of final height in young adults with CO GHD, is associated with a significant increase in cortical bone thickness. AcknowledgementsThe authors would like to thank Watermeadow Medical (Witney, UK) for their editorial assistance, which was supported by Novo Nordisk.
This article is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial License which permits any noncommercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author(s) and source are credited.
References1.Kaufman JM, Taelman P, Vermeulen A, Vandeweghe M (1992) Bone mineral status in growth hormone-deficient males with isolated and multiple pituitary deficiencies of childhood onset. Table 2: Summary of the reaction time averages and standard deviation of the two experimental conditions. Our findings revealed that participants acting on congruent trials did experience an improved reaction time when compared to incongruent trials.
In addition to not examining past research entirely, our experimental design possesses other limitations. Despite some of the downfalls of our design, our findings may suggest, that studying related experiments of similar complexity may be administered via the internet without a researcher present.
It would be interesting to see how RT is influenced when the amount of noise pollution is increased, as this would mimic a more real life environment.
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Several variations on the biceps curl transfer some of the load from the biceps to other flexors of the elbow. Variations on this theme include the preacher curl where the elbows rest upon a sloped bench, which helps to keep the upper arm motionless. The effects of breed and of recombinant bovine somatotropin (rbST) treatment on growth hormone gene expression were studied in young bulls.
In this context the somatotropic axis, which is composed of the pituitary growth hormone (GH or somatotropin), its receptor (GHR), insulin-like growth factors (IGF), IGF binding proteins (IGFBP) and the IGF-I receptor (IGF-IR), plays an essential role in postnatal growth regulation, especially in nutrient utilization. Polyadenylated RNA (poli A+) was isolated from 1.83 mg of this RNA by oligo-dT-cellulose chromatography, as described by Sambrook et al. However, relative pituitary weight (as a percent of body weight) was similar in the two breed groups (Table 1). In spite of a discrepancy in growth rate between the two breed groups, it appears that pituitary growth occurs allometrically. The rbST treatment had no effect on GH gene expression in the pituitary gland, even though it was applied in a sustained release vehicle. The present study shows that cortical bone dimensions also benefit from GH treatment, with endosteal expansion and increased cortical thickness leading to improved bone strength. The objective of the study was to evaluate the influence of GH on cortical bone dimensions.
Cortical bone dimensions were evaluated by digital x-ray radiogrammetry of the metacarpal bones every 6 months.
This leads to a higher peak bone mass and may reduce the risk of cortical bone fragility later in life.
The primary objective of the study was to evaluate the effect of 24 months of GH treatment in young adults with CO GHD on bone mineral density (BMD) in the lumbar spine and hip using dual energy X-ray absorptiometry. The correlations between radiogrammetric and densitometric measurements were estimated in simple linear regression models. Baseline patient demographics as well as baseline values for bone parameters by sex and treatment group were not different between groups (Table 1). The observed reduction in endosteal diameter in GH-treated patients in this study suggests that the increase results from endosteal bone growth rather from periosteal apposition. Zacharin has from time to time received educational grants from Novo Nordisk but has received no funding support in relation to this work. Chanson is a member of the HypoCSS (Hypopituitary Control and Complication Study) International Advisory Board, sponsored by Eli Lilly.
Participants performed on average 29.8 ms faster on congruent trials when compared to incongruent trials (See Figure 1).
However, it was suggested visual cues can also measurably influence RT when varying the difficulty of the stimuli (Simon & Wolf, 1963). This is inline with the conclusion made by Craft and Simon (1970), thus supporting their discovery. Firstly, it does not standardize the environment in which participants complete the experiment. This would greatly lower the manpower needed to administer experiments, lower cost dramatically and allow researchers to attend other important areas while the experiments run themselves at the personal leisure of the participants.
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When reprobed with the 28S rDNA, the sample signals in the membrane were very similar (Figure 3, panel B). Somatotropin administration did not affect body weight, pituitary weight or relative pituitary weight (Table 1).
On the other hand, the heterozygous genotype in males was associated with higher IGF-I plasmatic levels and a higher genetic value for daily weight gain than was the homozygous genotype. The achievement of final adult height, however, occurs much earlier than the acquisition of peak bone mass and muscle strength in both genders, with males achieving these milestones later than females [7]. In the same study, hand x-rays were obtained to evaluate changes in cortical bone dimensions, as assessed by DXR, during GH treatment. While there is no one single cause of bone fragility, fewer or thinner trabeculae and thin cortices, all play their part in low peak bone density [18]. From this, Craft and Simon (1970) conducted a study where they found that participants showed a faster reaction time when visual stimuli were congruent to the response button location.
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A cDNA encoding Bos indicus growth hormone was cloned and sequenced for use as a probe in Northern and dot blot analyses. The polyadenylated RNA was transcribed into single-strand complementary DNA using reverse transcriptase and the second DNA strand synthesis was done using DNA polymerase I, as described in the ZAP-cDNA Synthesis kit (Stratagene). Growth hormone mRNA was quantified by the dot-blot hybridization method using a Bio-DotÒ microfiltration apparatus (Bio-Rad) according to manufacturer instructions. In the Northern analysis (Figure 2), a single-GH mRNA transcript of approximately 1,000 bp was detected, similar to findings obtained by Hampson and Rottman (1987).
Although rbST in a prolonged release vehicle can mimic daily hormonal injections and can sustain an elevated basal plasma GH concentration for nearly eight days after its application (Slaba et al., 1994), recombinant hormone dose and intervalic administration did not affect pituitary GH expression in our experiment. Pituitary and serum growth hormone levels in Duroc and Yorkshire swine genetically selected for high and low backfat. The structure of rat 28S ribosomal ribonucleic acid inferred from the sequence of nucleotides in a gene. Single-step method of RNA isolation by acid guanidinium thiocyanate-phenol-chloroform extraction. A technique for radiolabeling DNA restriction endonuclease fragments to high specific activity.
The effects of duplication in the ovine growth hormone (GH) gene on GH expression in the pituitaries of ram lambs from lean and fat-selected sheep lines.
Alternative processing of bovine growth hormone mRNA: Nonsplicing of the final intron predicts a high molecular weight variant of bovine growth hormone.
Variants within the 5’-flanking region and the intron I of the bovine growth hormone gene.
Identification of a novel polymorphism in the promoter region of the bovine growth hormone gene. Growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor I concentrations in bulls of various growth hormone genotypes. Plasma profiles of somatotropin and IGF-I in dairy cows following application of two preparations of recombinant bovine somatotropin in a sustained release vehicle. During the last few years, it has been shown that in addition to stimulating linear growth, GH therapy has important beneficial effects on the accrual of lean body mass and bone mineralisation, past the years of achieving adult height [8]. The reported bone width (W), cortical thickness (T) and endosteal diameter are the averages of these measurements. In order to evaluate to what extent the radiogrammetry measurements reflected skeletal changes in general, the correlations between radiogrammetric and densitometric measurements are shown in Table 2. In early adulthood, material and structural strength is maintained by remodelling, the focal replacement of old with new bone. We sought to verify their findings by replicating their experimental design, with the use of modern technology.
A possible mechanism for slower reaction time on incongruent trials may be explained by auditory research, which suggests that the conflict of irrelevant and relevant cues results in interference and affects performance to a significant degree on RT (Simon & Small, 1969).
Also, generalizing our findings to different populations would be misleading, as age may influence RT in response to a visual cue (Simon & Wolf, 1963). For instance, our findings suggest that buttons that require operator interaction be placed on the corresponding side to that of presented cues that determine when button press is required. This is generally used for geotargeting purposes or showing certain ads based on specific sites visited. More detailed information about cookie management with specific web browsers can be found at the browsers' respective websites. Nothing contained on or provided through the service is intended to be or is to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment.
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I'd always wanted to tell people that when I work on my body I'm thinking about classical sculpture, so I jumped at the chance to show off body building as an art form.
Stallone's into body building, and Jack Nicholson had a birthday party for me after we finished Stay Hungry. Compared to the Bos taurus structural gene, the Bos indicus cDNA was found to begin 21 bases downstream from the transcription initiation site and had only two discrepancies (C to T at position 144-His and T to C at position 354-Phe), without changes in the polypeptide sequence. After packaging, lambda recombinants were transfected into an Escherichia coli cell line (XL1-blue MRF’) and the amplified library was screened using a partial GH bovine cDNA (kindly provided by Dr. This value exceeds the 821 bp of the isolated clone, indicating that the latter is not a full-length cDNA, though it contains most sequences present in the mRNA. In our study, Bos indicus cDNA showed only two discrepancies when aligned with the complete bovine GH gene sequence. Only five patients withdrew due to adverse events, details of which can be found in the previous publication [13].
During ageing, concurrent bone formation on the outer (periosteal) cortical bone surface partly compensates for bone loss. The Service d'Endocrinologie et des Maladies de la Reproduction of HA?pital BicA?tre has received educational and research grants from Novo Nordisk, Merck-Serono, Pfizer and Ipsen.
In their study, location of the cue was irrelevant, while the cue itself provided relevant information to the response assessment. More fundamentally, the personal computers on which participants ran the experiment all differ from one another. Doing so may result in faster execution of desired actions and may serve a fundamental role in fields where split second decisions are common place such as the military and aviation industry. It does NOT track personal information about you, such as your name, email address, physical address, telephone number, social security numbers, bank account numbers or credit card numbers. All data and information is provided here with no guarantee of accuracy or validity and should be independently verified.
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However, two amino acid substitutions were found for Bubalus spp., which belong to the same tribe. However, elevated GH plasmatic levels are apparently not dependent on GH gene transcription activity, since Fleming et al.
Comparing the cDNA with the gene sequence yielded only two discrepancies, both in the coding region, without changing encoded amino acids (C to T at position 144-His and T to C at position 354-Phe). Higher pituitary weights have also been reported in swine lineages selected for low backfat (Althen et al., 1976).
However, no change was found in the polypeptide amino acid sequence, regardless of genetic differences found between Bos taurus and Bos indicus in protein (Manwell and Baker, 1980) and chromosome Y (Kieffer and Cartwright, 1968) polymorphisms.
These observations suggest that GH treatment should be continued up to the achievement of peak bone mass.An increase in bone mass in young adults with GHD following GH treatment has been reported in several but not all studies [10, 11]. Subjects with isolated or only two (including GH) pituitary hormone deficiencies were required to undergo a further provocative GH test after their 16th birthday to confirm the diagnosis. Although the structural basis of bone fragility is determined partly by genetic and environmental factors, growth during the pubertal and early adult years has a significant influence on bone strength in later years. These differences may include their performance which may affect the presentation of the stimuli and differing sizes of monitors which may impact the viewing of the stimuli.
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I reminded Franco that four people from New York were watching the great Franco Columbu, the world's strongest bodybuilder, crashing down under a mere 500 pounds. Olympia contest in 1972, we had girls backstage giving head, then all of us went out and I won. He was enormous, really fantastic, and the audience was screaming for both of us, so you knew it was going to be close. When the Russians were lifting weights in preparation for the Olympics—for the shot-put, the hammer throw and things like that—the Americans picked up on it immediately. If Robert De Niro kills in Taxi Driver, it's perfect, because he's a little guy and people are 100 percent behind him. The rbST treatment did not change any of the characteristics evaluated (body and pituitary gland weights, growth hormone mRNA expression level). After exposure, the membrane was washed for 20 min in boiling water to remove GH cDNA probe and re-exposed to X-ray film to assure total removal of the hybridization signal. Besides higher pituitary weights, the authors of both of these papers reported higher plasmatic GH levels in both lean-selected sheep and low-backfat selected swine. The required replacement therapy apart from GH was performed at the discretion of the single investigator. Hence, a GH-induced reduction in endosteal diameter may, potentially, have beneficial effects on cortical bone strength [19, 20], thereby reducing the risk of bone fragility later in life [21]. In their experiment, they reasoned that a slower reaction time which was observed for the incongruent trials was due to the presentation of irrelevant location information.
At the same time, no researcher was present to clarify any questions participants may have had about the experiment, whereas all past studies have had the researchers present during testing. Universe had come from America and, as it later turned out, I was the first one to break that pattern. The guys who are working their way up often say they have to sleep ten hours a day and they try not to get laid more than three times a week, but, sooner or later, most of them find out that all this means shit. After about 15 minutes of posing, I told him I thought I'd had enough and that we ought to quit, just walk off. I can look at a chick who's a little out of shape and if she turns me on, I won't hesitate to date her. Gay people are fighting the same kind of stereotyping that bodybuilders are: People have certain misconceptions about them just as they do about us. For me, that isn't the right kind of role, because I'm big and therefore I have to play the opposite kind of guy. Crossbred animals had significantly higher body weight and heavier pituitaries than Nelore cattle. Recombinant bovine somatotropin (rbST) treatment of ruminants with an intact somatotropic axis may also alter pituitary GH production. At 13-14 months, 10 young bulls of each breed group (five treated and five nontreated) were slaughtered and their pituitary glands were collected, weighed and immediately frozen in liquid nitrogen. Of 8,500 clones, 420 were hybridized in the first screening, and 20 of which were chosen from the second screening for digestion with XhoI and EcoRI. Subjects with three or more pituitary hormone deficiencies were exempt from further testing. Limited data are currently available on the growth patterns of cortical bone during normal adolescence and in patients with CO GHD, and our findings therefore also contribute to the understanding of cortical bone development during growth.There are few data on changes in cortical bone density with GH therapy in patients with CO GHD.
Our study did replicate the portion of their experiment that examined this idea, and thus we can only speculate about the mechanism for this discrepancy.
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Signals were measured with a densitometer (CS-9301, Shimadzu) at 550 nm and in the zigzag-scanning mode. Most studies have evaluated the effect of GH on trabecular bone compartments (lumbar spine) or regions with mixed bone structure (hip) rather than on cortical bone [12]. GH testing was carried out according to current consensus guidelines at the time of patient recruitment [14]. I bet him $20 in front of everybody that he couldn't do another repetition and then offered an additional $50 if he could go on and do eight reps.
They think that the head is carried around by something very mysterious, and they're not aware that it's the body, something they should be in tune with.
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The area of the peaks was converted to ng of GH mRNA by using a standard curve constructed with different concentrations of GH cDNA blotted on the same membrane.
Patients were excluded from the study if they had received GH treatment during the month prior to randomisation, but information in the single individual on the time since GH was discontinued was not available. We evaluated GH mRNA expression in young bull pituitaries from two different breed groups treated with rbST. Other reasons for exclusion were serious cardiac, hepatic or renal disease, uncontrolled hypertension, diabetes, acromegaly, diseases that could affect bone metabolism or any malignant tumour.
When training for the Olympics, he lifted weights for two hours daily, squatting with almost 500 pounds. The Bos indicus GH cDNA was used as a probe in GH mRNA measurements and for comparison with Bos taurus and Bubalus bubalis sequences.
Interestingly, some studies report a reduction in bone density during the first year of GH therapy, which is likely caused by an increase in remodelling space and a temporary reduction in bone mass and size [3, 23, 24]. In the present study, in which only cortical bone is encountered, a linear increase in cortical area was observed from the very start of treatment. He ripped the weight out and just started going up and down as if there were no end, as if he were going to do 50 repetitions. Despite only a marginal increase in bone width being observed in our study, there was a pronounced reduction in the inner bone diameter. This reduction leads to an increase in cortical thickness and a tendency towards an increase in strength, as calculated by the CSMI. The higher GH dose was given to females since they require higher doses than males to achieve normal insulin-like growth factor-1 levels [15]. Furthermore, our data support that the initial loss of areal bone density due to increased remodelling was only marginal in cortical bone compared with BMD of the spine and total hip, where a trabecular component was part of the region of interest.
Dose reduction due to GH-related side effects was allowed at the discretion of the investigator. Histological evaluation after GH treatment for 1 year in CO GHD patients has shown increased trabecular bone turnover, but not a positive bone balance [25]. A single daily subcutaneous injection of GH was administered at bedtime using a cartridge pen (NordiPenA®, Novo Nordisk, Copenhagen, Denmark). However, a different pattern is likely to be seen in cortical bone and after a longer duration of treatment [13].To obtain normal bone growth and optimal peak bone mass, the interplay of GH and gonadal hormones through late childhood and puberty is essential.
Consequently, GHD as well as hypopituitarism in adults is associated with low bone mass and an increased risk of fractures [26a€“29].
The trial was conducted as an open-label study and not placebo controlled, since it was deemed unethical to subject young adults to daily placebo injections for 24 months.
While the impact of gonadal hormones on bone growth is diminished after epiphyseal closure, GH continues to play an important role in reaching peak bone mass several years later. Consequently, patients with CO GHD are lacking an important factor if GH treatment is stopped when final height is reached. DXR analysis (Sectra Imtec AB, Linkoping, Sweden) requires a plain or digital radiograph of the non-dominant hand [16]. Discontinuation of GH treatment after attainment of adult height may compromise further bone growth [11, 30].
In this study, plain radiographs were used and sent to a central, blinded reading facility (The Osteoporosis Unit, Hvidovre University Hospital, Copenhagen, Denmark).
Indeed, changes in cortical bone when GH treatment is reinstituted, as found in the present study, are the reverse of the age-related changes in bone seen in later adult life [31] and may therefore leave the CO GHD patients better protected against cortical bone fragility as they age. The radiographs were captured as digital images using a flat-bed scanner (600a€‰A—a€‰600 dpi, 12-bit greyscale) and three regions of interest (metacarpals 2, 3 and 4) were automatically identified. No data on diet are available, but the randomisation process is likely to have minimised such bias.Studies evaluating changes in lumbar spine BMD indicate that despite a lower areal density in CO GHD patients, the volumetric density is not lower [3].
Consequently, CO GHD leads to insufficient growth of bone size, but not low bone mineral content [32]. The increased fracture risk described in CO GHD [5] is consequently related to small bones rather than to low BMD.Using radiogrammetry, comparison with normative data from other studies should be interpreted with caution due to the potential influence of differences in exposure settings, but the settings used in the present study do not differ substantially from those used by Toledo and Jergas [33]. A comparison of cortical dimensions in the GHD patients with the female normative data from the study reported by Toledo and Jergas [33] showed smaller bones with a thinner cortical shell in the female CO GHD patients. The short-term precision of DXR has previously been determined in 40 pre- and postmenopausal women, demonstrating a coefficient of variance (CV) value of 0.65% [17].
After 2 years of GH therapy, bone dimensions of treated females approached those of healthy women, but no gender difference following treatment was found in the ratio of cortical thickness to bone width, as measured by MCI. Furthermore, while there was a similar increase in bone width in GH-treated subjects and controls, changes in the endosteal diameter were significantly greater in the GH-treated subjects. This might indicate that the main effect of GH on cortical bone growth is mainly on the inner surfaces.DXR allows detailed non-invasive evaluation of cortical bone dimensions and can therefore be used as a supplement to bone densitometry.
It measures the metacarpal dimensions with high precision, and therefore, also smaller changes can be detected. The present data clearly show that this technique provides meaningful information on cortical bone dimensions using simple radiographs of the hand. Also, the effect of GH can be detected after 12 months of treatment compared with conventional densitometry, where the effects are only detectable much later due to an initial decline in areal bone density. A potential weakness of the method is that only metacarpal bone is measured and may therefore not be representative of cortical bone changes in general. However, it has previously been shown that the same measurements at the metacarpals predict fracture risk at both hip and spine [34].
It is therefore likely that the measured changes reflect a generalised effect on bone, at least in patients with osteoporosis.
In the present study, significant correlations between baseline cortical thickness and baseline BMD of the hip and spine, as well as changes in cortical thickness and changes in spine and hip BMD, were found, indicating that this is probably also the case for CO GHD patients. Provided that the improvements in cortical thickness are maintained over longer time periods, GH treatment of CO GHD patients might reduce the risk of cortical bone fragility later in life.

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