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Growth hormone deficiency is a medical condition in which the pituitary gland does not produce enough growth hormone.
There are several causes, and depending on when it occurs, its effects may result in different growth deficiencies. It may be congenital or it may occur as a result of several medical conditions such as pituitary and hypothalamic tumors and radiotherapy used to overcome childhood cancers. Delayed and retarded growth is often a sign of a growth hormone deficiency in older children. According to health professionals, most cases of growth hormone deficiency are not preventable.
A good way to catch a growth hormone deficiency in its early stage is to meet with a pediatrician, where a physician will measure your child’s development on a growth curve. Several measurements are generally conducted to officially diagnose growth hormone deficiency in children.
To treat growth hormone deficiency in children and aid the growth process, injections are given once a day. Growth hormone therapy for children with growth hormone deficiency rarely results in serious side effects. As adults age, growth hormone production drops as a result.[5] However, this is not the same as growth hormone deficiency.
Evidence shows adults with a growth hormone deficiency generally experience relative increases in fat mass and decreases in muscle mass.
Adult growth hormone deficiency is also associated with neuropsychiatric-cognitive, cardiovascular, neuromuscular, metabolic, and skeletal abnormalities.

Growth hormone injections in adults tend to cause more side effects than in children as adults are said to be more susceptible. According to health professionals, growth hormone doses need to be individualized instead of weight-based. Growth hormone therapy initially resulted in numerous side effects due to the large doses that were administered. Growth hormone therapy has been shown to influence fluid retention and cause carpal tunnel syndrome.
According to Hoffman, other hormones have been shown to benefit athletes -- notably testosterone.
It’s important to note here that the use of growth hormone is banned by the International Olympic Committee, Major League Baseball and the National Football League. 2- ?????????? ????? ?? ??????? ?? ?? ?????????? GH ??? pegvisomant ?? ???? ??????? ??? ????? ?? ???. 3- ????? ?????? ?? octreotide ?? ??????? ????????????? ? ?? bromocriptine ?? ??????? ??????? ?? ???? ?? ????? ???? ???? GH ??? ???? ?? ?? ???.
No correlation was found between the 24-hour mean growth hormone concentration and the mean 24-hour testosterone concentration in serum or the growth rate, but a correlation was found between testosterone and the growth rate. It is concluded that the growth spurt in puberty is not due to a change in growth hormone concentration but rather to the increase of androgen production in puberty. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Growth hormone is responsible for lateral growth, bone density, muscle mass, body fat, and exercise capacity.

However, identifying growth hormone deficiency early allows for quick treatment and proactive measures.
Hau Liu and his team found that overall, those who took growth hormone did develop more lean body mass, but this did not translate to either more strength or exercise capacity. That’s why Athletes probably take much more hormone than the investigators felt that they could ethically try to give to healthy people; in addition, some athletes combine growth hormone with other anabolic hormones like testosterone. The findings with growth hormone absolutely do not extend to other hormones like testosterone which work through entirely different mechanisms," Hoffman said.
The people using growth hormone had swelling of their tissues and more fatigue compared to people not taking the drug, they added. Hau Liu of Stanford University in California, reported while some illegal steroids may help athletes bulk up and train harder, human growth hormone is not one of them. However, when the hormone is given to people with growth hormone deficits caused by pituitary tumors or other conditions, it can improve strength. Preparation and characterization of conjugates of bovine serum albumin with testosterone and with cortisone.

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