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A few months ago, a work colleague was telling me a story about a friend of hers, or rather, this friend’s daughter. Seeing how easily my body changed (and in a major way hormonal way) from my diet was pretty bizarre.
I’ve heard about people experiencing this, but never known anyone directly who experienced it. Welcome!This blog is all about prioritizing how you spend your resources (time and money), so that you can maximize happiness while minimizing cost. Informing Consumers of the Dangers and Effects of Genetically Modified and Genetically Engineered Food! The recent decade has seen the rise in the development of so-called “genetically-engineered” foods, from genetically-modified corn to rice, vegetables and even hormones for cows.
The cow growth hormone rgbh has been tested industrial giants like Monsanto to greatly help increase milk production by as much as fifteen percent.
What startles consumer groups is why the US Food and Drug Administration approve the use of this drug, whereas rgbh is banned in most countries. Oftentimes food manufacturers will toss around these buzzwords on their labels as a way of making not-so-healthy food items seem good for you and homemade. The term “natural” has no regulatory definition – no standards exist for this label which means it can be used on virtually any type of product and is pretty much meaningless. For livestock, the seal certifies that the producers met animal health and welfare standards (positive soil building, conservation, manure management and crop rotation practices), did not use antibiotics or growth hormones, used 100% organic feed, and provided outdoor access and pasture for the animals. For packaged products with the seal, it means that 95 to 100 percent of its ingredients are organic. Note: Products with 70 to 95 percent organic ingredients can still advertise “organic” ingredients on the front of the package, and products with less than 70 percent organic ingredients can identify them on the side panel. The “fair trade” label means that farmers and workers, often in developing countries, have received a fair wage and worked in decent conditions while growing and packaging the product.
Thanks for this info its really good for us to get some confirmation on the art of confusing the public with labelling. All the same, I’m pretty creeped out about it, so I feel compelled to share for anyone it may help. Her daughter was 7 or 8 years old and was having signs of premature menses and at one point, actually began having a cycle. We’ve already established my love of all things cheese and I have a bowl of cereal every day before work. It also made me kind of glad (in a strange way) that I had these weird episodes to signal the craziness that was going on in my body, because otherwise we would all be eating roughly the same and it’s pretty scary to imagine (if our milk was doing this to a grown woman) what might have been going on in the body of our three year old boy!! I wasn’t sure if I should share (kind of weird to blog about something so personal) but I thought, what the heck, maybe it will help someone. We explore ways to make life easier and more fun, especially for families on a tight income.
However, the company didn’t tell the public about its potentially harmful effects to both humans, and cows.

The Consumer’s Union is also puzzled as to why the FDA has approved Monsanto’s production of rgbh, despite the overwhelming amount of data provided by health researchers, regarding the ill-effects of the milk growth hormone on both humans and cows. But some labels are actually legitimate and will give you great information about the quality of that particular food item! And unfortunately it’s often perceived by consumers as equivalent to organic or healthy, which it isn’t. USDA guidelines state that “natural” meat and poultry products can only undergo minimal processing and cannot contain artificial colors, artificial flavors, preservatives or other artificial ingredients. It basically doesn’t mean anything, so feel free to ignore it as an indicator of a healthier food item. Instead, look at the ingredients list on the back of the package and make sure it doesn’t have partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, hydrogenated vegetable oils, or shortening listed. The problem with this is that oftentimes, food manufacturers will replace the fat in a particular food item with a bunch of sugar and artificial ingredients (because when you take out the fat, you take out the flavor and you have to replace it with something else).
Pasturing livestock and poultry is a traditional farming technique that allows animals to be raised in a humane manner. Just like a computer scanner, my eyes are immediately fixed on that food because my brain registers it as a synonym for organic and healthy foods all of which are on the top of my list.
Because I am an old-fashioned sort of gal, I’m going to use the aphorism Aunt Flo in this. After trying med switches, my doctors inevitably decided that I was pretty much a stress monkey (which any of you could have told them) and that was probably the root of my problem. As you might imagine, the troubles of being a 7 or 8 year old with her cycle (and the poor girl having to deal with it at a time when remembering to comb her hair can be an achievement) makes my situation seem rather trifling by comparison. I also have documented my love of red meat, which as a family, we are having success cutting down, both by doing more veggie meals and also less cow, more chicken. The US FDA approved the hormone’s use in 1993, although the effects were never thoroughly analyzed, and the FDA merely relied on one study that was administered by industrial giant Monsanto, where the growth hormone was injected into thirty rats for 90 days. However, “natural” foods are not necessarily sustainable, organic, humanely raised, or free of hormones and antibiotics. In these instances, the full fat version might actually be better for you and closer to a whole food than the fat free version! Check out the ingredients label to make sure that the fat isn’t being replaced with less healthy ingredients!
Milk labeled “rBGH-Free or rBST-Free” is produced by dairy cows that never received injections of this hormone.
This term is very similar to “grass-fed,” though the term “pasture-raised” indicates more clearly that the animal was raised outdoors on pasture. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the products are antibiotic-free, cruelty-free, or that the animals spent most of their time outdoors. Products with this seal are guaranteed to have been produced without being genetically engineered through the use of GMOs (genetically modified organisms). If there are other labels you have questions on that I haven’t listed here, definitely reach out in the comments of this post and I will get back to you! This post really clarifies what all of the labels claim to encompass and therefore allows people to have a better idea of what they are really eating.

It’s so annoying that food manufacturers are able to label foods in this way when it could have a multitude of meanings, but I guess all we can do is muddle our way through.
I believe there are some bills trying to be passed on allowing foods that have been genetically modified to be labelled. I'm a Board Certified Health Coach, wife, mom, and food lover from the SF Bay Area (now living in Ann Arbor, MI!); with a passion for delicious food and a desire to make healthy eating easy, tasty, and fun!
Then apparently the girl went to see a specialist who said she needed to have hormones cut out of her diet – only organic, no-hormone milk, meat, etc. Rbgh is an artificial copy of a normally-occurring hormone that’s found in dairy cows, and the brand is produced by the company Monsanto. It can lead to potentially lead to fatal lameness in cows, and also lead to mutations on cows, as well as painful udder infections called mastitis. The study was never published though, and yet the FDA even asserted that the experiment showed no adverse problems with rbgh in milk. The problem with this label is that the FDA requires manufacturers to list trans fats only if they are present in amounts greater than 0.5 grams per serving.
For example, 1% or 2% milk is better for you than fat free milk — the fat in the milk actually helps you absorb the calcium and other nutrients. Genetic engineering is the process of transferring specific traits or genes from one organism into a different plant or animal. Something like this in a chart format would be helpful to use to educate students about what these labels really mean and why they are important.
In not much time, she stopped having her cycle and went back to being a typical 7 or 8 year old, attending pool parties, considering chapstick to be grown up, and everything else that makes early girlhood fun. This hormone is generally sold to farmers, where it gets injected into the dairy cow, and it helps in increasing milk production, by as much as fifteen percent. Mastitis often results because of the over-use of antibiotics, and this often leads to the contamination, and early spoilage of milk.
If the ingredients list doesn’t have any of those ingredients listed, then you can assume that the product indeed does have 0g trans fats per serving. Because of mastitis, milk spoils faster due to the increased levels of pus in the infected cow’s milk.
Since the American Heart Association recommends limiting trans fat consumption to less than 2g per day, those hidden half gram servings of trans fats can really add up! Being allergic to pollens and pesticides that affect foods, it is tough to know what will not potentially kill me. Your article helps decipher all of those other things between which I did not know the distinction.

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