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UPDATE: Kit Cope is now off the Lion Fights card because of problems with the Nevada State Athletic Commission and his use of testosterone replacement therapy. For a guy with a 4-7 record in mixed martial arts, Kit Cope has always been able to maintain some buzz amongst MMA fans. This weekend, he can lean on his fighting a little more as he goes back to his roots on a big kickboxing card in Las Vegas.

A muay thai champ for much of his early 20's, Cope explained why he's back in the ring with the bigger gloves.
Cope also updates everyone on his television career and his thoughts on Gina Carano and her June fight cancellation. Cope lost to some pretty high level MMA fighters including Kenny Florian in his lone UFC fight and Rob McCullough in the WEC.

Now finally there's a resurgence from the mid-90's, where it's starting to gain popularity," said Cope.

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