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The last decade has seen the supplement industry boom with the arrival of pills, powders and potions guaranteeing to help you achieve any number of things from weight loss to increased muscle mass to decreased fatigue and decreased signs of ageing. Found in over 100 supplements, GTE is one of the most popular herbal extracts on the market today and it consumed for two main reasons.
Scientific studies have proven that a healthy and beneficial dosage of GTE is between 1 and 1.6grams and this is equivalent to 3 – 4 cups of green tea. Even though a dosage of 1 to 1.6 grams of GTE has been proven to be well tolerated, most GTE supplements contain dosages much higher than this. Even though the overconsumption of GTE can cause negative health consequences, I would certainly not recommend avoiding GTE altogether as its health benefits are well proven and extremely immense.
Antioxidants are required by our bodies to counter the damaging effects of the various ‘free radicals’ we are exposed to on a daily basis (i.e.
Certain compounds in GTE have been shown to improve fat burning by inhibiting fat cell division, reducing fat absorption from food, increasing energy expenditure and improving the body’s ability to use fat as energy.
Not only will drinking 4 cups of green tea provide you with the fat burning and antioxidant benefits of GTE, but it may also provide you with additional benefits such as improved brain function, reduced blood pressure, reduced cholesterol levels, better skin, improved cardiovascular fitness, improved dental health and reduced risk of developing depression.

In fact, some supplements contain up to 9.9 grams and this is equivalent to 24 cups of green tea! However, rather than relying on pills and tablets for your intake of GTE, take a natural approach to achieving your intake of GTE and simply drink 3-4 cups of green tea daily. One particular supplement that is gaining great popularity for its health promoting properties is Green Tea Extract (GTE).
With such immense benefits proposed, it’s no wonder GTE consumption is becoming increasingly popular. While this may not negatively affect all individuals, there have been wide spread cases of liver failure as a result of consuming too much GTE. After all, a diet filled with whole, natural and unprocessed foods rather than pills and supplements is the only way to achieve optimal levels of health and fitness. However, is GTE really worth all the acclaim it’s receiving or is it just another supplement selling false promises? Without a sufficient dose of antioxidants, we will not only age prematurely, but we are also susceptible to developing life threatening diseases such as cancer, degenerative brain disease and cardiovascular disease.

It appears that some individuals have a genetic predisposition or hypersensitivity to GTE and this causes them to experience the dire consequences of liver failure as a result of overconsumption of the supplement.
Not only will this provide you with a long list of health benefits and safeguard you against the negative consequences of over consuming GTE, but it will also provide you with a tasty beverage to keep hunger levels at bay.
Even though leading an active lifestyle and consuming a veggie-rich diet enables sufficient production of antioxidants, our bodies can require additional assistance – hence the popularity of GTE for its antioxidant properties. With countless potential health benefits, it’s time to get brewing so you too can experience the vast benefits green tea can provide.

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