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I have used a gorgeous piece of soft cotton velvet stripe home furnishing fabric for the exterior, some cream coloured home furnishing fabric for the lining, and some some translucent gauzy fabric for the frill. Press the frill down on either side of flap with your fingers to ensure that it is tucked out of the way from when you stitch the exterior to the lining (see photo in middle). 13.  Clip the bracelet handle onto the handle hook - and get your glad rags on for a cheeky night out!
I'd love to know what you think of this tutorial - have fun!  Why not share a pic of your finished purse with us? Right now I'm in the middle of writing another tutorial for a rather sexy (at least I hope it turns out, 'rather sexy'!) clutch wristlet purse using this delicious bracelet handle. Any tasty bits and bobs like cooked veggies, or cooked prawns, cooked ham, or left over cooked roast chicken etc.
Now, I'm a bit too long in the tooth to be bothered by spotting film or pop stars, but when when one of the First Ladies of Craft gives me a nice shout-out like that; I just have go around grinning like a silly monkey for at least a week!

Chelsea Bag in two sizes - this design is really popular, the shape is modern and boxy, and this bag is fully reversible! Pretty Drawstring Purse and Smart Handbag - this pattern is fab for absolute beginners; it's simple to make and the results look great. Anyway, we were both having a bit of drool at some of the yummy stuff in Selfridges and we were in the Men's clothing dept. Here is the bag which will feature in June's issue of Sewing World Magazine (each month I design a bag and write it's tutorial for this magazine). Side and inside view - actually, they're my gadgets (I do like certain gadgets even though I don't understand our TV, DVD player, or TV Set Box thingy!) I couldn't use Al's gadgets because he'd taken his to college.
She also sent in this lovely bag pic, which uncannily is a very nice tulip shape (I think that's a fine example of being inspired by nature).  It's so summery and fruity - good en ought to eat! Aren't they incredibly pretty?  They must've taken a fair amount of time and skill, I would love to be  as good at embellishment work as she is!

She has made a lovely job of the this pleated purse (despite the sewing machine not really enjoying sewing thru the pleats), and a really cute coin purse from my tutorials. The shoes were a  bit on the tight side, so I said that he should break them in at home by wearing some thick socks.
I made the main piece slightly wider at the bottom (because I prefer my purses that way) if you prefer you can have an even 24cm at top and bottom edges.
One minute it's dullsville buying socks with your husband, and the next, you're  presented with male underwear models!!

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