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For avid athletes looking for a serious competitive edge, GNC, the leading global specialty retailer of nutritional products, has introduced Pro Performance AMP. This comprehensive line of eight advanced muscle-performance and sports-nutrition products was developed through rigorous clinical research and is designed to suit the needs of a wide range of trainees, from weekend warriors to ultracompetitive athletes. NewsletterThe latest, greatest training info and research delivered to your online mailbox every week and it's FREE.

In the golden age of bodybuilding, magazines were keen to report on the training programs of the most acclaimed champions. It’s a revolutionary new line of clinically proven products developed specifically for the passionate athlete looking to improve performance rather than simply build muscle mass.
It’s enhanced with exclusive ingredients for amplifying its nitric oxide–stimulating factors and improving absorption.

Scientifically engineered, it includes powerful nitric oxide–stimulating ingredients formulated to enhance physical performance.

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