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I have tried so many different versions of creatine that I have found that it is sometimes hard to tell the difference. Some may find it hard to believe by looking at me, but once upon a time I was hard core into working out and lifting weights. Muscle Advance creatine is probably the most effective creatine product we have come across. Body Fortress high performance creatine is another highly rated creatine supplement used by many of our users. Creatine X3 is often taken as a post workout creatine that helps repair broken muscle tissue. If you are involved in a high intensity strength training program or you are someone who is participating in stop and go related sports, creatine is a supplement that you should consider. Creatine phosphate is the high energy precursor to the molecule ATP, which is going to power each and every powerful muscular contraction that occurs in your body.
As soon as ATP runs out, your performance is going to decline or come to an abrupt halt as your body simply doesn’t have the fuel to keep going. With fully saturated creatine phosphate stores going into each workout, you will ensure that you have ATP to spare. Creatine is one of the most commonly used muscle building products out there, so the benefits are well documented. That said, if you don’t choose your product carefully, you can find that you run into problems such as poor absorption rates or a high incidence of bloating, water retention, and cramps. Let’s walk you through some of the top creatine products that you’ll find at your local GNC. This is a Kre-Alkalyn formula, which has been shown to be better absorbed in the body compared to standard creatine, therefore offering better results. It also will help to buffer the level of lactic acid created in the body during those hard working sets, so this could allow you to push further, increasing the total work load in each workout session. Since muscle growth is intricately connected to how much total work you’re doing, you can see why this would be to your benefit.
In addition to that, this product is designed to provide no bloating or stomach discomfort, so is well tolerated by just about everyone.

And, it also has the added ingredients of Fenugreek, Ecdyserone,and Eurycoma Longifolia extract, which may also assist with increasing the total level of testosterone in your body. So essentially, this product is like a two in one as you’ll get not only creatine, but a testosterone booster as well. This product is also designed to be maximum absorbent and will help to buffer off the lactic acid naturally occurring during your workout, keeping your body’s pH balance in check. This is important because should you become too acidic, it will directly impact how you feel, function, and perform. This product is also designed for optimal recovery as well, so by using it during your workout you will find that you naturally recover faster after the workout is over as well. Available in capsule form, you won’t have to worry about messing with any unpleasant tasting powders. For those who don’t like swallowing capsules and therefore prefer to use the powder, this product is the one to go with.
This product contains a blend of the top five types of creatine, so you’ll reap all the benefits that each one has to offer – and that single variety creatine products may miss out on. In addition to that, Beast Sports Nutrition Creature is also designed to prevent bloating and stomach discomfort, so should be well tolerated by just about anyone.
It has a fast absorbency formula, so even if you take it without using carbohydrates, it should still get into your muscle cells without a problem. It’s available in pink lemonade flavor, so you won’t have to deal with the nasty taste that most other powder form of creatine products come with, making it quite enjoyable to use. You’ll pay $36.00 for a 60 serving bottle, so it’s right in line in terms of cost with the other products we’ve mentioned. If you’re on a budget and looking for a simple creatine product to get the job done, you might just consider the GNC brand here instead. Its’ very low cost will make it especially appealing to those who don’t want to spend too much on supplements, but still reap the benefits that creatine has to offer.
This product will also help to get into the muscles quickly, especially when paired with a carbohydrate mixture solution and it’ll help to assist with improving strength gains, boosting recovery, and enhancing your performance. The product is not flavored, so it’s also going to be a good choice for those who prefer to mix their creatine right into their protein shake and who often use protein powder flavors such as chocolate or vanilla.

You’ll pay just $9.99 for a 250 gram bottle of this product, making it easily the cheapest variety out there.
So there you have some of the top creatine products to consider using if you want to take your results up a notch. Keep in mind that regardless of which product you choose, none of these creatine products will work unless you are doing an intense workout session as well. Don’t let yourself come to believe that this product will naturally cause you to build muscle just because you’re taking it.
Creatine only works by allowing you to do more work in the gym and recovery faster so that you can go back again for the next session sooner. If you don’t make use of this improved capability, you will see the same results as you would have without the product. If you’re working hard, then adding the creatine supplement will most certainly boost your progress. User Questions and AnswersQ: Are there legal steroids that work great as a pre workout, and help to gain size and reduce fat?
Rob currently resides in the south beach section of Miami, with his girlfriend of 2 years, and his German shepherd "Max". It depends a lot on your diet and workout plan, but about 3 weeks in you should see some real results.
However, this 189 version is absolutely the best that I have ever tried because the differences between this creatine and all of the others is quite obvious to me. I was not receiving results as fast as I wanted, so looked into dietary supplements to help me achieve results faster.

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