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A terrified Tomarra was able to get a shocked Jac’Lynn to cough up some pool water, while another sister, Krystal Bishop, called 911. A big deal for any 12-year-old, but considering Carin has Down syndrome, the Richardson’s are calling the quick rescue miraculous.
The former actress and host said she was shocked to hear about Ms Huang Guo's death because it had been a long time since she came across such an incident.

The 40-year-old ONE FM 91.3 radio presenter felt Ms Huang Guo's death is "a huge tragedy and such a waste of a young life and a beautiful person".
When Miles was in her 20s, she took weight-loss pills and was addicted to them because they gave her a "caffeine rush". The local singer, who took weight loss pills for eight months in 2012 when she debuted as part of the K-pop girl group Skarf in South Korea, said that cases like Ms Huang have, unfortunately, "become common over recent years".

She also installed alarms at both her front and back doors, so she knows when they’re opened.

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