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This is an opinion website that offers information of a general nature and none of the opinions should be construed as advice.
Affiliate Disclosure: At absolutely no expense to you, if you make a purchase, we may receive commissions from some links on this website. I have well over a decade of experience with anabolic steroids and hormone replacement therapy. Over a period of 8 years, I used almost every semi-mainstream muscle building compound that has ever existed. Old school steroids, new-age designer methylated steroids, pro-hormones, insulin, HGH or growth factors and peptides - I've probably used it. Despite what steroid enthusiasts may tell you, anabolic steroids have side effects (gyno, hair loss, bloating, testicular atrophy, increased blood pressure, etc.) that you absolutely need to manage if you actually care about your appearance and health if you're not just trying to be a big freak that takes up a lot of space and doesn't Get Laid. Some people are simply better off staying natural because they don't have the desire, time, money or discipline to maintain significant amounts of chemical muscle at a low body fat percentage.
At the same time, training 'au-naturale' can be tedious, especially when you have been training seriously for a year (with an accompanying diet) and are probably 90% of the way to your genetic potential. Believe it or not, one year of focused training and diet will get the average guy pretty close to his genetic ceiling. Although most non-hormonal dietary supplements that promise muscle gains are COMPLETELY worthless, there's finally a solid legal alternative that works really well and isn't a steroid or prohormone.
It won't deliver superhuman results like taking significant amounts of anabolic steroids - but it also won't give the side effects (gyno, hair loss, bloating, increased blood pressure, testicular shutdown, etc). It is the best legal, non-hormonal compound that I have ever used - both for results and safety (lack of side effects). It can be used for putting on muscle or keeping on muscle and burning fat if you are eating at a caloric-deficiency.
Again, as I have stated above, I am not claiming that Ostarine will deliver "steroid results, without the steroids!", I am claiming that it is far and away - the best, [currently] legal, non-hormonal alternative to anabolic steroids. Ostarine (also known as 'MK-2866') is part of a new wave of dietary supplements (unofficially) called "SARMs" or selective androgen receptor modulators that function somewhat like steroids but are not hormonal. But unlike steroids, Ostarine will have not a significant effect on your testosterone or estrogen levels (or cause your balls to shrink).
So, in theory, you get the anabolic action without the hormonal fluctuation and endocrine suppression. It's a fairly new compound, but since it is not a testosterone derivative (like all steroids are), it is considered safe enough for women to use.
Although I'm not too serious about my physique, I've always been on the lookout for a legal alternative that actually works. In order to evaluate the Ostarine (and to prevent people from accusing me of using steroids and faking the Ostarine results), I got off HRT ENTIRELY and used the compound as a standalone. Ostarine shouldn't have any significant effect on your testosterone levels, so don't expect your testosterone levels to go up or down.
Remarkably, I only lost about 5 lbs., evidence that Ostarine does a good job of preserving muscle. Although my physique is nothing compared to what it used to be (nor do I care), this 25 day steroid-free transformation is very significant. Training without testosterone or other androgenic steroids in your system (especially on an empty stomach with fat burners) is a recipe to end up totally skinny-fat. As planned, I stopped using Ostarine at Day 26 because I was having surgery on September 29th. This rare compound is accurately dosed, over 99% pure and the EXACT same stuff that we have both used.
You don't have to worry about trying to measure microscopic amounts (usual dose is 12.5 mg) from a liquid 'research chem' solution with an oral syringe. I followed a variation of the very low-carb "Good Looking Loser's Fat Loss Diet" and watched the body fat drip off as usual. Nothing kills body fat better than a very low carb diet - if your body can adapt to dietary ketosis.
You can turn your body into a fat burning furnace if you TRULY avoid all carbohydrates (minus green vegetables) and keep your heart rate up for 45 minutes on an empty stomach.

I used the same supplements that I mention in "Mandatory Supplements for Our Fat Loss Diet". Branch-Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's to preserve muscle and encourage fat loss) Have at least 2 scoops before your workout and at least 2 scoops during your workout. Fat Burner (to encourage fat loss and kill your appetite)* The fat burner I used everyday is not yet available for sale. I also used Isopure's Zero-Carb protein powder and a few other anti-aging supplements, but the 2 supplements above are the only ones that are completely necessary. It will be 2+ weeks before you really notice anything and it's subtle compared to oral anabolic steroids. It might be better for my "Ostarine Review" to list a few side effects so you "believe me more", but the fact is - I had no side effects and that is exactly why I am recommending this compound to you. I'm used to getting big steroidal pumps, bloating and other minor side effects that are annoying but at least reassure me that a compound is working.
Although Ostarine will not raise your DHT levels, if you are sensitive to male pattern baldness (I am, 2 hair transplants before my 28th birthday), virtually any compound can potentially increase hair loss or non-androgenic alopecia (increased shedding).
In the off chance that Ostarine does cause some shedding, it is unlikely to be permanent because the shedding is not caused by DHT and is not subject to miniaturization.
It will not be like being on 50mg of Dianabol or a gram of testosterone for 20 weeks where you will gain 20 lbs. I found taking 37.5 mg of Osta-Red similar to taking 20 mg of Anavar or 25-30 mg of Epistane (a legal designer steroid). Plus, there's no serious testicular shrinkage, no mandatory post-cycle therapy or cardiovascular concerns. As I mentioned, unlike anabolic steroids, for most guys, there is no mandatory post cycle therapy needed since testicular suppression should be fairly modest.
Longer cycles (4+ weeks) of Ostarine can be suppressive and HPTA recovery can benefit considerably from a very basic post cycle protocol. This product is specifically designed to kick start your testosterone after a short or moderate cycle.
I, personally, don't require post-cycle therapy since I run my own doctor-supervised hormone replacement theory (which I discontinued during the duration of my Osta-Red cycle) but always did when I was doing traditional cycles prior to 2005. First, with expectations I have outlined above, most guys will be quite pleased with the results and lack of side effects they get from Osta-Red. It works better than any legal non-steroidal and is as good as taking small amounts of hormonal compounds. Second, I never use the "sense of urgency" Internet marketing technique where I'm supposed to tell you to BUY NOW or you'll miss out.
I wanted to wait to do my this review until I had some time to go through the actual workouts, use the Body Beast supplements, follow the nutrition plan, and actually see some results. Learn how to make your intense training sessions much easier with sample nutrition plan and best workout supplements for men and women. Lunch of choice – You can have chicken tacos with refried beans and rice or some cheeseburger. Dinner – You can eat the biggest meal of the day which should contain a healthy carbohydrate source and lots of healthy veggies. BCAA Branched Chain Amino Acids – play a significant role in muscular metabolism and in your energy levels.
As it was previously mentioned, bodybuilders (athletes) respond differently – due to the unique nature of their bodies – to supplements.
The product is the best for those who want to get the strength, pump and stamina without the bloat.
The product is designed for women of all ages. Active Women contains 90 tablets enhanced with key minerals and vitamins to support exercise recovery and energy production.
Before taking any supplements consult with your physician especially if you are pregnant or nursing or in case you are taking medications or other stimulants.
The product is good for those who want to reduce body fat from 3 different angles to supercharge your shred.
Are you really short of time to get ripped? Take benefits out of these excellent 20 minutes workout programs.

While deciding on the best supplements to get ripped, consider that there are different options available on the market.
ENGN by Evlution Nutrition – give you maximum advantage over the competition; designed to fuel athletes and bodybuilders.
Cor-Performance whey by Cellucor – is the best protein powder to satisfy protein needs any time of day. Nothing contained within the site is the advice, opinion or otherwise the view of any host, owner, server or other provider of services to Good Looking Loser.
I deliberately discontinued taking testosterone and HCG to evaluate how well Ostarine worked without the influence of other muscle building hormones. Without the Ostarine for anabolic support, I would probably have finished with the decaying body of a 90 year-old man.
While that is part of gaining mass, as with losing weight, 80% of your results are going to be from nutrition and supplementing.
This will help support your metabolism, fuel your lean muscle and help you get the most out of your intense training. The supplement will help you to provide the body with the essential phosphates of energy to carry you through those difficult last reps. The product is made with premium protein and contains a full dose of calcium and folic acid to support your bones. The product is designed to truly accommodate the needs of your body and satisfy the demands of your training session.
Nothing stated shall be construed to serve as a replacement for competent advice from professionals. If you don't have the money, buy BCAA plain powder and add Mio or Skinny Girl water enhancer.
The question is how to battle that muscle fatigue which is inevitable for most guys who are training hard. It should contain up to 50g of protein that will replace glycogen lost during your training. Increase your performance with assault and experience endurance, enhanced strength, muscle mass, and improved athletic training capacity. The supplement contains a number of vitamins and minerals that are not available in everyday meals. The supplement will help to provide a powerful source of energy during your intense workouts.
Pros:A The updated formula contains good active ingredients (L-Carnitine, African Mango Extract, Green Tea Extract and Green Coffee Extract) which have supporting clinical studies to help you get ripped and lean. Some are great at preventing fatigue during intense exercise while others are effective at increasing your muscle size, enhancing endurance performance etc.
Pros:A  The HCA dosage is good and the TGA listed formula is great to see from an Australian brand. Cons: It was a sad day for Musashi fans when the Musashi Shred and Burn Protein formula hit the shelves. A measly 59% protein formula, no nutritional information panel and without full ingredients listed on the pack. Why?A  Verdict: A mediocre formula that doesna€™t disclose fat, kJ or calories per serve and is clearly designed for the uneducated beginner. We understand that everyone has different goals, budgets and priorities but we hope that this review will help you make an informed choice next time you are in store.More interested in muscle mass protein powder? Read our brand comparison review for muscle mass protein powder for building size.Watch the Ripped Lean Muscle video below to find out more.
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