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Personalized crystal gifts and awards are precisely laser etched in optically perfect crystal to create a lasting remembrance. Choose your favorite photo, add names, dates, sentiments and messages for your personalized gift or award.
Turn favorite photos of children, pets, family, loved ones, special memories, places and events into a special personalized gift. Do you want to be remembered for giving a thoughtful and personal gift that is sure to become a family heirloom? Choose from a variety of bases to accentuate and display your personalized laser etched crystal. Custom laser etched crystal cubes, plaques, portraits, and gift items are ideal for capturing, preserving and remembering life's precious milestones and memories. As awards and event keepsakes, personalized crystal will captivate and delight your employees and clients.
Give a timeless gift that features your product, company, VIP guest speaker, campaign launch, milestone dates and more.

For the better part of the twenty-first century, Get Etched has been the leader in world class laser etching and distinctive customized products. Granite, the world's third strongest material, has a matchless beauty and when paired with our laser etching technology, a simple photo is transformed into a work of art.
With a vast selection of shapes and sizes available we are proud to offer our products to anyone who has ever taken a photograph. Fundraisers are more than candy bars and cookies thanks to the Legacy and Heroes Wall Programs. Our programs are expressly designed with no upfront fees, inventory purchase, retainer agreements or complicated involvement on your part.
Simply put, we make the product, develop the campaign, write the copy, build and host the internet sale pages, link to the home page, take the orders, and deliver the product. Our wall programs are receiving national attention from US Senators to NASCAR drivers and everyone else in between. With poker quickly becoming one of the world's most watched television events, there is no coincidence that anything involving the game is a hit.

Get Etched has entered into a 20 year exclusive agreement with CHIPCO International to provide personalities and public figures, in sports and entertainment on the face of poker chips.
Product images shown on this website include both actual product photographs and computer simulations.
Our skilled photo editors enhance your image to the specifications needed for laser etching.
The company's core business experts have over 125 years of relevant industry experience as consultants, business owners, and high-level executives.
Customizable chips with your company logo, school mascot, or town landmark are available and make unique gifts.

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