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The bent over row is one of the basic bread and butter exercises for upper and middle back development. For decades now bodybuilders, power lifters and athletes have been performing the barbell row as a way to increase the size and strength of the muscles in the middle to upper back. If you're wanting to pack on some bulk and shape to your upper body, then the bent row is an important exercise that you must fit into your upper back workouts.Targeting the Lats, the bent over row combines the potent benefits of allowing you to train through a complete range of motion with a  heavy weight and allowing you to target your lats with targeted precision and move closer to the classic v-shape that you really want!
If you're body is aligned properly, then the bar should be positioned just above your knee prior to beginning the exercise.2.

Pull the bar up to your lower chest, making sure to keep your core muscles contracted (in order to stabilize your spine).
When properly performed, you will basically be lifting your elbows up towards the sky while holding your upper body in a stationary position.
While performing the bent over row, you should feel the muscles in your upper back working. If you perform barbell rows with an overhand grip, you will target the lower part of the trapezius and your rhomboids.

While performing bent rows with an underhand grip will place most of the emphasis on the upper portion of the trapezius and the biceps brachii.

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