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TRX (Total Body Resistance Exercise) is an workout system that involves body weight and gravity. As pictured above, the TRX is essentially two movable handles attached to a non-moving anchor (like a tree, a door frame, or a special TRX structure).
Another cool thing about the TRX is that it can involve multiple muscle groups during a single exercise, making several muscles synergistic (the focus area) and work together as a single unit.
I often use the TRX throughout other workouts to target specific body parts, but will also do a total body TRX workout from time to time. Can anyone help me come up with a 3 day a week full body workout that would build good muscle mass?
I mean full body for the week, if I would get the best results with the routine above though (full body every other day) I will go back to it. I used a fully body routine a once withe three different routines and different rep ranges.

Invented by a Navy SEAL, Aaron Baldwin needed a workout system that could keep him in shape with little space. The handles can be manipulated to target different body parts, and the resistance can be increased or decreased simply by moving ones body closer or further from the anchor.
What's great about a total body workout on the TRX is that it is easy to move from one exercise to the other, since only one piece of equipment is required.
Dapack helped me put one together that was full body everyday in 8 exercises, but I feel maybe the days should be split up or something to target groups? I had one heavy day with the big lifts 5x5, then a Rep day with compound movements like incline Bench or leg press, then I had one light day with lots of isolation movements a reps around 15-20.
The really beautiful thing about the TRX is that the core must be engaged throughout the workout to stabilize, adding an extra bonus to your workout. This means that time in the gym is reduced and your heart rate stays elevated continuously.

I put on some good size in about 8 weeks but found I couldn't train like this for more than 8 weeks without getting injured or goin backwards. Other benefits of the TRX include increased strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, and joint stability, all with limited chance of injury because you're using your own body weight.
However, some experts suggest that due to the strong emphasis on core strength, the TRX could be potentially dangerous to a more deconditioned client.

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