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The 3 Day Full Body Workout for beginners is the third in the Weight training program for skinny guys. The popularity of home fitness systems such as P90X and Insanity is making working out at home more acceptable than ever. The 3 Day Full Body Workout for beginners is the latest product of our collaboration with Chris Heskett. The plan requires minimal equipment: a pull up bar, resistance bands or dumbbells, a chair, stool or bench, exercise mat (optional but recommended). Free 7 days Course Teaching you the True Fundamentals to become insanely strong, lean and freakishly mobile for life!

The plan has been developed by fitness model, personal trainer and strength coach – Chris Heskett. Chris is one of our featured fitness models and a respected personal trainer and strength coach.
The plan is suitable for those of you who are not members of a gym and prefer to workout at home. Start with the first exercise (for the day) and work your way to completing all of the exercises on the list to make one circuit.
The first page is an introduction which also outlines the importance of form and health and safety when working out.

If unsure, please refer to video tutorials (widely available on video sharing websites) by reputable personal trainers.
You may be asked to like our social media profiles or sign up to our newsletter before downloading it. If you are a beginner and looking for a weight training program suitable for working out at home, then our 3 Day Full Body Workout is for you.

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