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December 8, 2011 By Courtney 39 Comments So this morning, I completed an awesome Full Body Circuit Workout.
Since I decided to stay at home instead this morning, I figured that I’d complete my own little full body circuit workout at home. You’ll notice that for this circuit, I did the full amount of reps for the first exercise and then moved on to the chest, shoulder, and so on until I got to the bottom of the list. Vertical Loading, according to NASM, alternates body parts trained from set to set, starting from the upper extremity and moving to the lower extremity (the exception here is the abs, which I just added at the end).
Vertical Loading is very beneficial for allowing maximum recovery to each body part while minimizing the amount of time wasted (as opposed to Horizontal Loading, which involves performing all sets of an exercise before moving on to the next, causing excess rest time).
This morning, I lightly toasted two more pieces of my Cinnamon-Hone Whole Wheat Bread and topped it with some Cinnamon Raisin Swirl PB, banana slices, and chia seeds. Of course, I also enjoyed my morning mug-o-joe, which is reflecting a very nice snow-covered tree. What kind of resistance training method do you prefer: vertical loading or horizontal loading?
Since I tend to go to the gym in the evenings, it’s easier to do horizontal loading instead of vertical.
There is a huge steep hill right next to my gym and I always dread the first part of my plyo-burn class, because I know he is going to make us run up it at least twice.
Fitness training in the armed forces is so much more than the "drop and give me 20" cliche (though, yes, pushups are involved). Come down into a plank on your forearms, toes tucked, elbows under shoulders, and hips at the same height as shoulders (A). By clicking "Sign in", you confirm that you accept our terms of service and have read and understand privacy policy.

By clicking "Create Account", you confirm that you accept our terms of service and have read and understand privacy policy. Once I finished 1 full set of reps for each of the moves, I started back at the first exercise and ran through all of the exercises again, doing two more sets. Plus, by doing the workout in a circuit style, you minimize rest periods and keep the heart rate up. I began writing Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life in April 2010 and have loved chronicling my love of food (healthy and indulgent!), baking, motherhood, fitness, fashion, and everything in between. Horizontal loading is definitely easier when you’re amidst a bunch of other gym goers! You have a lot more than we do, ours just kind of flutters and hits the ground and then melts instead of staying there.
You can be in and out way faster than sitting there to rest in between all of those sets, which would take foreverrrr.
I love that I am already reaping benefits from your career shift a great way to balance all the treats I’ll be baking this weekend, no? No reproduction, transmission or display is permitted without the written permissions of Rodale Inc. Workouts tax strength, sure, but most important is endurance for those long hikes decked out in full gear. Bend your knees in and place your hands behind your head, elbows straight out to the sides (A). Hold a 5-pound dumbbell in each hand, elbows bent, forearms vertical, hands in front of your chest (A). Set your stance so feet are shoulder-width apart, toes slightly turned out, then raise the weights up, over, and behind your head, bending your elbows (A).

Pick up one arm and press that hand into the ground toward a high, straight-arm plank (B); do the same action with the other hand to complete the transition from low plank to high (C). But then I looked outside, saw that all of this had happened, and realized I was feeling too lazy to go and brush off my car.
Hoping this is a departure of the unseasonably warm weather into more festive weather… SNOW SNOW SNOW!!
Lift shoulders and feet off the floor, and bring one knee in toward your chest while turning your shoulders to bring the opposite elbow to touch the knee (B).
Jump out into a straddle with your legs, while you press your hands straight up above your head with your hands facing in (B). Sit back and down into a squat, bringing the weights down in front of you in a chopping motion, finishing with arms between your knees (B). Alternate sides, going quickly, but without sacrificing your form—the whole shoulder unit should be turning, not just the arms flapping in and out (C). Repeat on this side for 15 seconds, then change it up and lead with the second hand for the second 15 seconds.
Do each exercise for 30 seconds then go right to the next one, resting only when needed and for 30 seconds between sets.

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