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Take a look at our list of top 5 apps to search, listen to and download free music on Android. You can also use the downloaded songs and set them as ringtones, alarms or notification alerts from within the app.
Music search is an easy-to-use app capable of searching and downloading free music on your Android device. In case you’re wondering where the app stores your downloaded songs, look at the top right for the navicon button and tap on the View Download Location. There are plenty of ways to get ahold of music for listening on your Android device, but if you’re really looking for one that is free to add to your own playlist or maybe you want some background music for your next Instagram video, we have just the thing for you. To download the song you like, all you need to do is tap the song on the search results then tap the Download button at the bottom.

There, you can preview the progress of downloads as well as look at the list of your downloaded songs.
Simply search and tap on the song to preview or download it to your Android device immediately. If you want to clear your download list, you can do so from within the navicon menu as well.
This app relies on the Jamendo open source API for their content, which means all the songs available through this app is free music released by the creators themselves. And the songs come from multiple sources so you probably can find tunes that are right up your alley. The search option allows you to search for any songs related to a keyword whereas the files option features all the songs that you’ve downloaded using the app.

Instead of opening your music player, you can also play your songs using the app’s built-in music player. Tap on any of them to play the song automatically on your Android’s default music player.
To delete a song, all you need to do is simply tap, hold the song and choose delete under the listen tab.
If you don’t have the time to transfer your music from your PC to your Android device, these apps may be your best bet for downloading them on-the-go.

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