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BUCKS COUNTY FREE LIBRARY JOB POSTING NOTIFICATION …Bucks County Free Library is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Office Of Equity Diversity Bowling Green State UniversityOnline resume database search is supplied free of charge with job posting.
SCHIMA Job Posting Information Sheet 2010SCHIMA appreciates your interest in posting job opportunities on our web site. BUCKS COUNTY FREE LIBRARY JOB POSTING NOTIFICATIONBucks County Free Library is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
JOB SEARCH WEB SITES – City Of San Diego Official WebsiteGive job seekers free access to millions of employment opportunities from hundreds of websites. Advertising ResourcesJob-seekers can browse jobs by category or search for jobs (by category, location, posting date, salary, and keywords), as well as post your resume.
State the general nature, level and purpose of the job and provide a brief description of the duties and responsibilities. Keep in mind that there are not set standards for athletic resumes, but you should take the time and invest in putting it together in a manner which demonstrates a serious effort.The Athletic Resume plays an important part in the recruiting process.
The purpose of the resume is to highlight the student-athletes accomplishments and goals and to peak a coaches interest.

Many of the student athletes and parents try to save money in this area by getting a family member or friend to give advice in their design. Colleges are under the impression that a $100.000 four year scholarshipA given to it's student athletesA requires special attention when designing their Data Profile, College Resume, Student Accoumplishments, and 3 to 5 Minute Game Video. Your name, high school, year of graduation, club team, coaches names, addresses and phone number.
Remember this letter is an introduction, not a detailed summary of your abilities.A Item 2 - Athletic Profile, on this page give more specifics about you and your sport. Once you get the page typed attach a color photo then take to a copy shop, and have them Photostat it in color, this way the picture becomes part of the page. A second page to this you may want to include your current or previous season stats or records you set.A Item 3 - Athletic Accomplishments, by HS year list all of your athletic awards. Most Improved, MVP, Athlete of the year, Scholar Athlete, Captain, All Tournament Team selection.
List your academic accomplishments, Honor Roll, Student offices, National Honor Society, Club offices. This shows that you are well rounded and can succeed and still be involved with other "social" activities.

Many HS athletes fail to become involved in areas like this, but it is really a benefit to be able to add to your resume.Item 5 - Current HS or club schedule.
If you don't have this available, send to him in follow-up letter as soon as you receive it.A Item 6 - Letters of references from coaches.
I am not saying that this is the only format available and to use it, but I outlined it for you so that you have an idea of what to include on yours.
Be honest with the coach, as they will find out sooner or later.I hope this has helped you in formatting your resume for next year. This should be completed during the summer before your junior year and sent to the coaches shortly after the start of the your school year.
I always suggest targeting 20 - 25 schools minimum when initially sending out your resumes.

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