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DDP, the former WCW Champ and the "King of Bada-Bing," cuts into a second career as a yogi.
Yeah, that, and I did a shitload of maintenance: chiropractic, applied kinesiology, deep muscle- massage therapy, organic juicing, clean eating. Leaving professional wrestling—when you stop, your body’s like, “Oh, my god.” It’s like everything just shuts down. When your career takes off in wrestling, you work 270-plus days every year because all of a sudden you’re in one main event or another, so your travel schedule becomes insane.

When people saw Billy wrestle, they were like, “F—k, he looks like he took his head off!” He did. It’s an amazing way to eat really good, get strict on your workouts, whether it’s one a day or two—but we also party! There’s no yoga that will jack your heart rate up and get you in the fat-burning zone anywhere near as fast as this.
I don’t think I’ve ever walked in a ring and felt amazing, like, “Oh, my god, I feel unstoppable!” But that’s how I feel today.

What’s nice is the ones who do drink every day maybe realize they don’t want to drink every day.
Most yogis—not all, but most—will say things like, “Reach your arms to the heavens so the universe smiles back at you.” We’re not gonna be doing that [laughs].

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