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For quite some time now I have been wanting to add more weight training to my workout regimen. Then it occurred to me that Planet Fitness, the gym that I belong to, has a full body circuit workout called the PF Express 30 Minute Workout! I figured if I could commit to getting up early to do this workout at least once a week, that this might be the answer I was looking for! This past Thursday I got up at 5am and was at the gym around 5:30 so I could be home in time for Little B to be dropped off (this is a HUGE accomplishment for me! The PF Workout Express is basically a game of red light, green light.  There are different workout stations that are numbered one through twenty.
The step aerobic station also has a wall mounted plaque giving you different options for each step workout that you do. As far as the weight machines went, they totally kicked my butt and they were a wake up call that I needed!
I was happily sore the next few days after this workout so I definitely plan to do the PF Express Workout once a week going forward!
Matus Valent - This Slovakian has hit the fitness world by storm ever since he moved to California.

It does not matter what kind of physique you have, or how tall or short you are, you can train towards attaining a physique that is impressive to others and one that satisfies you. Rusty Moore from Fitness Black Book has an awesome program that helps average guys build the fitness model hollywood type physique that will help you pull those chicks instead of scaring them, if getting such a physique interests you, go check out his free video and see if this is the program for you. Today I would like to share the top young fitness guys who inspire and motivate me, who are around the same age as me.
I have some light free weights that I use at home when I strength train but I have really been wanting to hit the gym for some heavier lifting. You can start your workout at any number as long as you go in order and complete the entire workout.
I opted to just do the traditional step workout each time I was on a step because I didn’t have time to keep checking the board and I wanted to make sure that I would get home in time for Little B to be dropped off. It becomes even harder if that tall guy is a hard gainer but it is possible to look ripped and shredded even though the taller you are the more muscle you will have to put on. Just check out a guy wit a similar build and height as you and work towards that, when you get lazy just google your role model or whom ever you want to look like and say to yourself that, this person never got here by being lazy.
The problem for me was trying to find the time to add gym time to my already hectic workout (and life) schedule.

Even though I didn’t do the step workout as recommended it still kept my heart rate up and it gave me a good workout! I am a mother, runner, mud run addict, fashion fiend, country music lover and a proud Detroiter!
He used to be an athlete (sprinter)  in his high school and college days, so he knows how to get in shape (who am I kidding this guy is in top shape 365days a year, always cover ready).
When the light is green you do as much as you can at the station you are at and when the light turns red you stop and go to the next station. So without blabbing on for any longer here are the top 5 most aesthetic young fitness models and bodybuilders. Please share this post if you agree with me, so more people can see this post and be motivated to go join a gym or just workout.

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