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He is a Family Medicine Physician who is also certified by the American Board of Obesity Medicine.
Spencer is a special breed of doctor that we definitely need a whole lot more of in today’s society.
It is my hope that this interview (and Spencer’s book) will help you with the questions you have and in your journey towards losing weight, keeping it off, and becoming the healthiest you than you can be. People are frustrated because they do not know who or what to believe, who to trust, and how to find the best sources of information regarding nutrition.
I get my information from the leading researchers in the world and try my best to keep an unbiased approach. KM:  In general, I believe people do want to live healthier lifestyles, but with all the mixed messages and information, and their numerous failed attempts to lose weight, they truly don’t know how.
How do you address this with your patients when it comes to helping them reach their health goals?
SN:  I think a lot of people actually do know how, but they have failed so many times in the past due to various reasons. For one, it is extremely hard to lose weight and keep it off due to physiologic forces that push our weight back up.
KM:  Why is the common advice, “Move more and eat less,” not necessarily useful advice for people who are overweight or obese? SN: Yes, as explained above there are such strong forces that cause us to regain the weight we have lost. The medicines and surgeries being developed help the body have a fleeting chance in overcoming the strong forces described above. Currently there are 4 medicines approved for long-term weight loss, each with a different mechanism of action. What make your Fat Loss Prescription Plan different from other weight loss and diet programs on the market and what information does your book offer that is missing in these other books and programs? Xenical is famous prescription only 120mg orlistat diet pill.This is the diet pill that works for 101% sure. Xenical Orlistat works by inhibiting or preventing pancreatic lipase, an enzyme that breaks down triglycerides (fat) in the intestine and forms fat.
Simply put, Xenical Orliststat prevents the Fat forming enzymes and thus prevents fat absorption upto 30%.

We have a herbal and all natural Fat blocker pill Proactol, which has been proven to block upto 28% in 4 clinical studies. LipoSan Ultra Diet Pills Review Liposan Ultra are animal extracts based fat binders that are likely to cause some side effects.
Your blog is really nice and works as an advisor, I look forward to your new links and articles. Generic for xenical – Orlistat , I am happy using this product, it really reduced my weight.
It is better not to take those medications which react with xenical while on your process to reduce weight. Weight loss drugs prescription otc rxlist., What are weight loss drugs and how do they work?
Diet pills, prescription weight loss drugs, appetite, Webmd pros cons prescription weight loss drugs.. Spencer Nadolsky on Facebook for about 3 years now and was honored and privileged to meet him at The Fitness Summit in Kansas City, MO two years ago. Nadolsky published his first book The Fat Loss Prescription: 9 Step Plan for Losing Weight and Keeping it Off.
Spencer Nadolksy is a good friend and I am not receiving any stipends off of the sales of his book.
Nadolsky and asked him about the general population’s frustration and confusion with nutrition amidst all the mixed messages from both the media and internet, factors that affect our attempts to lose weight, and more. Nutrition and health seems to have become an agenda driven industry, “diet gurus” and “food activists” claiming the evils of carbs, fats, sugar, red meat, gluten and wheat products, GMOS, and other foods. Hunger increases due to various hormonal changes, we compensate in ways we don’t even realize to make us not move as much and burn energy, and it can just be downright miserable to diet.
I then go over some of these obstacles and find which ones fit with each patient and then develop a battle plan on how to beat them. Other than food intake, are there other limiting factors that make weight loss harder and weight gain so much easier for many people? Telling people to put their fork down and push themselves away from the table is pretty much the worst advice you can give.
It gets even more complicated because our weight is also affected by what is called epigenetics (in laymans terms how our genes get turned on an off by external means (eg food and physical activity).

There are supplements that can help with hunger when used strategically like protein and fiber supplements, but your money would best be spent on medicines if they are deemed necessary. They all work in the brain though to help you sustain the lifestyle changes and not be miserable.
But the problem is, it is meant to only extremely obese people due to its dangerous side effects. Without this enzyme, fat from the diet are prevented from being hydrolyzed into absorbable free fatty acids and are excreted undigested. After a year of treatment with Xenical, one might experience depression, leg pain, swollen feet and tendonitis.
We hope that this disclosure will demonstrate our intent to run a honest and reputable business.
We now see that our parents can metabolically program us when in the womb based on what their lifestyles were at the time. Are there any supplements or medications that can help people trying to lose weight and improve their health?
We must find a way to sustain a calorie deficit and not be miserable doing it to be successful long-term.
At the standard prescription dose of 120 mg three times daily before meals, orlistat prevents approximately 30% of dietary fat from being absorbed. Part of the problem is the media and another part is because the trustworthy obesity researchers, physicians, dietitians, etc are NOT marketers. Pretty interesting stuff but it’s not something I dwell on with my patients since these things are not in our control but something we should understand I think as practitioners.
Obviously someone who lives in a place where walking is not an easy thing to do may be at a disadvantage to someone who is able to walk to work and to their various destinations. For example, if you understand marketing psychology, it is much easier to get people to jump and buy into your BS.

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