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What is target heart rate and how will knowing this help you with your weight loss workout plan?
To calculate target heart rate zone you will take 220 subtract your age and then multiply that number by the intensity of the workout. Here is a target heart rate chart you can use to quickly find your desired heart rate zone range for effective fat burning. To leave the What is Target Heart Rate page and return to the My Personal Improvement Homepage, click here.

Always consult your doctor before undertaking any form of weight loss program, fitness or exercise.
YOUR TARGET HEART RATETRAINING ZONES Healthy Heart Zone (Warm up) --- 50 - 60% of maximum heart rate: The easiest zone and probably the best zone for people just starting a fitness program. If you increase the racquetball to 30 minutes also you can burn approximately 100 additional calories but your heart rate will be much higher. Nothing, if you are seeking to increase your cardiovascular fitness but if you are seeking to burn fat then you could be very counter productive to your efforts.

That is because racquetball and other super vigorous activities may be pushing your heart rate right out of your fat burning heart rate. You should only train in this zone if you are in very good shape and have been cleared by a physician to do so.

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