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No matter how much you starve yourself and exercise every day, if you do not include cardio vascular exercises in your daily regime, you will not be able to burn fat and reduce in inches. In order to burn fat rapidly and effectively, you must make use of these cardio exercises and do them for a minimum of 45 to 60 minutes every day. One of the best cardio exercises to burn fat quickly is to run or jog for a good 60 minutes. Climbing a hill which is not very steep can be yet another cardio exercise that burns fat from your body. Cycling is a popular fat burning cardio exercise which makes you sweat and aids in weight loss.
A very effective way of using the spinning machine which resembles a normal cycle is by spinning continuously for 30 to 40 minutes and altering very fast pace with a relaxed pace and back to fast again.Spinning is done best under the guidance of a spinning instructor who brings out the best in you by guiding you through a complete session of spinning each day and helps you to burn lots of fat. Dance forms like hip hop or free style dancing let you be innovative, work out the whole body and burn fat at a rapid speed.
You can either climb stairs wherever you go like your home, office or friends place or make use of a stair climber which is a stationary machine allowing you to continuously climb steps on it.When using a normal stair case, make sure that you do not take the support of the hand rails and always keep your back straight and stomach firm while climbing each stair.
How can we best optimize fat burning cardio workouts into our exercise routines for burning fat?  The situation becomes more confusing when we hear ads saying that cardio workouts are all you need for fat loss, and other opinions bring up their shortcomings, even saying they are ineffective.

Anaerobic, meaning without air, through one part of the work out the muscle  operate without air. The top fat burning cardio workouts for fat loss are the high intensity variety that you do for shorter duration. If you are over 60 and just starting out, which is great, don’t think you’re 25 again.  You are never too old to start, as there are people that get into training that are truly elderly that have rolled back the years. Cardiovascular exercises form the basis of fat burning exercises as they play a pivotal role in making you sweat and increasing your heart rate to a great extent. Start with low intensity and run at a normal pace and then slowly increase it to high intensity.
Start climbing the hill slowly.You do not need to increase the speed at which you climb the hill but need to be steady during the entire exercise. You should combine a low and high intensity cardio workout where you need to pedal hard for a few seconds and then allow some rest to your body.
You can register for a dance class to be under the constant supervision of a dance trainer or just switch on some music at home and let yourself loose. We use the term “aerobic workouts”, and literally it means “with air”.  These include workouts where there is oxygen continuously going to the muscle.

Sprinting and weightlifting for develop muscle that is lean would be examples of these types of exercises. Depending on the individual, three to four times a week using thirty minute sessions will be sufficient for most people. The objective is intensity, not length of time.  Everyone has different stamina levels, but if anyone knows they don’t have to pace themselves through a long workout, they’ll be able to put more into it. Pedal hard again and repeat it for the entire duration of the exercise to burn fat and lose calories. You can also pump up your arms back and forth, like you do in running, to get a more intense workout. The reasons we advocate these intense routines is because it has some calorie burning gain after you’re finished, as higher metabolism will be maintained for some period of time.

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