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When wanting to lose weight or just get rid of that extra body fat, its important to really take a look at what you are eating. Whole Grains - Did you know your body burns twice as much calories when breaking down whole grains such as brown rice, quinoa, oats as these are also very rich in fiber. Lean Meats - Your body breaks down lean meats a bit different from other foods as it has a high thermogenic effect. Lentils - Lentils are very high in iron, which more than 20% of the population are actually pretty low on. Ice Cold Water - You may not have know but drinking ice cold water can actually help with burning off a few extra calories.
Nuts - Nuts are loaded with omega 3 fatty acids and will also help to build muscle and reduce craving. Cinnamon - Cinnamon is know to have a stabilizing effect on someones blood sugar levels especially people with type 2 diabetes. A natural wholefood organic nutrient booster made from the highest quality fruits and vegetables.
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You may be training hard and still not making as much progress as you would like and this all comes down to eating right.
This means that you will burn about 30% of the calories while your body is breaking down the food.
When your body is low on a nutrient it puts your body out of whack and slows your metabolism down. Capsaicin is what gives chili’s that punch and it also heats up the body which melts away those extra calories. Raw vegetables make a great snack as they are mostly made up of water meaning they will make you feel full with little calories. There has been awesome weight loss results from people adding Juice Plus into their diet daily.
Click the link below, stick in your email and watch the inspiring video that got me started on my blogging adventure or CLICK HERE. Below I have shared some awesome fat burning foods that will help you shed that body fat once and for all.
There was a study done where a group lots over 6 pounds in 8 weeks from drinking 4 cups of green tea a day.

Taking Juice Plus is also a great way of giving your body nutrient and vitamins that so many people lack. Also your body will be able to break down and digest eggs much easier than oats or other carbs and you wont have that bloated feeling.
It was found that a compound in the tea called EGCG speeds up your metabolism after drinking it. Also having a raw vegetable smoothie can be a great way to start you day and it will keep you feeling full until lunch. This may not be much but drinking just 1 liter daily will amount to 13,505 calories per year.

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