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Incredibly, even given all the research on what actually works people still throw so much money down the drain on pre-workout fat burners. So I decided to take a closer look at what’s on the market and I was astonished at what I found. In his recent blog post, Tony Boutagy sheds scientific light on the debate about Pre-workout Fat Burners. This entry was posted in Supplements, Weight Loss and tagged fat burners, pre-workout supplements by Yani Burmeister. Hyper FX, Ultimate Thermo FUEL, Hydroxy-Cut, Anadro, Redline, Lipo 6, CAPSI Ultra Thermo, Opti-Burn, GoBro, ESP, Beast, Matrix Hyper Cuts, BRN, INSYNER8, T5Ultimate, s-500, Detonate, Eat The Bear, Black Widow 25, HIT Fat Burner, Side Effect, Shred-X, Caffein+, Hard Core Pre Workout, Hyper Lean, BPI B4, LIV Hybrid and Swollen just to name a few available on the market.

The Supplement Godfather, is one of the leading researchers and product formulators in the sports supplement industry.
It’s quite an honor to win Fat Burner of the Year, especially considering how many products there are in the category. The difference between Ripped Freak and Ripped Freak Pre-Workout is pretty straightforward. Ripped Freak (the capsule product) is a fat burner, so it’s designed to up-regulate various fat-loss mechanisms in the body, and of course, increase fat loss. These products can be stacked, but I wouldn’t recommend you take them together at the same time (too much stimulant overload!).

If you want to stack them, then I suggest taking them at least three to four hours apart from each other.

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